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Danish Creamed Cabbage

The first time I had Oda’s Danish creamed cabbage was at Christmas time. After a fancy Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day offered a more laid-back menu — Danish Frikadeller (meatballs) and creamed cabbage. Cabbage is one of those nutritional unsung heroes — full of dietary fiber, vitamin C, K, and B6. It’s also a great …

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We Call it Dessert, and it's Perfect for Summer!

A Delicious, Rich, Summery Treat I love to make this Danish dessert whenever we have guests come to dinner because it is different from anything they have ever had. We always make a game of having them guess the main ingredient, and they can never figure it out. It’s simple to make and so delightful …

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A Danish Taste of Summer! Jordbær Grød

The Fields are Bursting with Berries! This Danish Strawberry Porridge is one of the first Danish recipes that I tasted when I met the Lassen family. Simple and tasty, it takes advantage of the beautiful fresh berries we have in California. It makes a wonderful stand-alone dessert (served with cream or coconut cream), but can …

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Noodle Bowls

Make it Your Way! One of the easiest — and most fun — meals is a Noodle Bowl. Popular in many different varieties, I love to make and eat them. I also love the way I can toss just about anything that I have in my refrigerator into my noodle bowl and change the experience! This recipe …

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Apples–The Fruit That Can Do Everything!

We’re Coming Up Galas at Lassen’s!   The Gala apples are gorgeous and so delicious!  I love the crispy snap of Galas, and the taste has just enough tart and just enough sweet.  A friend of mine recently used Gala apples, sliced thin, in a turkey sandwich!  Great idea! Yesterday I took advantage of the …

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Pears to the Rescue!

Simple, Delicious, Nutritious!   I have always love Bartlett Pears.  They are sweet and the texture is just right.  We would eat them by the dozens when I was growing up.  But when I left home for college I learned that some people did not love them like I did!     Maybe you are …

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Grapes–Those Little Orbs of Happiness!

I’ve Been Making this Salad for Years!   I grew up in the Apple Capital of the World–Yakima Valley, Washington.  So I love my apples! (When they are good — I will reject a mushy apple with one bite, and there are varieties that I won’t touch.  Yes, I’m that spoiled.)   And putting them …

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Take Some Time to Save Some Time on Healthy Lunches

Homemade Lunch Rolls Making lunches before school was always such an ordeal at our house.  With kids going different directions and with different schedules and tastes, it was a huge challenge every weekday morning.     But one year I started doing something that made a big difference.  And yesterday I recreated it with four …

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Flashback! Cooking as a Kid–or with one!

4-H In My Youth I know that 4-H in this part of the country (and many others) means hogs and steers, but my introduction to 4-H was with a group of my girlfriends when I was about eight or nine.  One of the moms decided to start a 4-H club for us, so we spent …

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