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We thank you for your interest in partnering with Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins. We proudly serve our communities by providing the highest quality products in Southern California. Our product buyers are able to discover and focus on local, innovative, and well-established brands that share our passions for healthy living with

Below is an explanation of the submission process and important information you need to know that will help you introduce yourself and your product to the Lassens buyers.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up and create a product profile with The upload process will help you enter all the key info we need to see for review and decision making.

Your product line will be matched with the right category buyer Clever technology ensures you’re showcasing your assortment to the right person at Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins.

Buyers review your products based on customer demand and when shelf space opens up. A calendar category review schedule is not available at this time. Your product submissions are directed to the appropriate category buyers.

Due to extremely high volume of new product information submitted we cannot guarantee you will receive a response if we are not interested in partnership. By submitting information through you agree that Lassens has no obligation to return your submission samples to review or to confirm your submission. Submitting accurate and complete information in your product profile can help to expedite the viewing process. Lassens only reviews new items through and any contact through the Lassens team outside of the review channel will not be considered.

We look forward to your offerings and wish you and your company the very best.

-The Lassens Buying Team

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