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Earth Day is in our DNA

From the very beginning, Lassen’s has supported Earth Day. The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970, and Lassen’s opened the next year. We’ve been celebrating Mother Earth ever since! Still independent, family owned and run, Lassen’s is committed to environmentally friendly, sustainable, healthy products and practices. This philosophy didn’t start with the official Earth

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Check out Delicious Tosi Bites!

Stefanie and Chelsea — mother and daughter — have been on a long journey to better health.  In the 1990s they began learning and understanding how our bodies work, and what role food and supplementation play in well-being.  They particularly learned how enzymes and probiotics impact digestion and overall health. The whole family set out

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Covid Response

Our Covid Response

To Our Valued Guests in Echo Park, At Lassens, the health and safety of our Team and Guests is a high priority. We believe in being proactive and transparent in addressing challenges and we value clear, complete communication.  We met a notification of a diagnosis with immediate action. We conducted two intensive store cleanings, one

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Lassens Kombucha
Lassen's Brand

We Have Our Own Kombucha!

Our Latest Great Private Label Offering! Kombucha is trendy now, but the culture has been around for a long time. So when we at Lassen’s wanted a partner for our Private Label brew, we searched for one with a great track record, high quality standards and deep passion. We will only put our name on

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Bob's Red Mill Almond Flour
Lassen's Favorites

The Best Products of 2018

Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour Looking for a superior gluten free, low carb flour? Bob’s Super-Fine Almond Flour is made from the finest California-grown almonds, which have been blanched and ground to a fine meal that is ideal for gluten free baking. Almond flour is also a must-have for paleo and grain free baking recipe.

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New Year, New Better You! Ke·to /kēˈtō/ diet

Certain diets gain immediate prominence or notoriety and others take some time to catch on. At the start of 2018, US News ranked the Keto diet in last place as “Best Diet Overall: [1]  but by the summer it became one of the most popular diets with new grocery items popping up daily.  And with

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Evamor Water
Evamor water

From the Appalachian Mountains to New Orleans to You!

This Water Doesn’t Just Travel a Long Distance! The Evamor story doesn’t start in Lousiana — but that’s where we went to learn about their naturally alkaline water. This delicious water starts in the Appalachian Mountains as water and snow. The water flows down through bedrock,  filtering out impuries as it goes.  As it travels

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Can Fats be Healthy? Yes!

Times Have Changed! It wasn’t that long ago that fat was a dirty word. I recall attending a gym class where the teacher advised choosing all-sugar treats (such as Starburst or Skittles) over treats with any fat at all.  Many were excited to see no-fat products on the market — cookies and cakes made without

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