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Our Covid Response

EP Disinfection Process
EP Disinfection Process

To Our Valued Guests in Echo Park,
At Lassens, the health and safety of our Team and Guests is a high priority. We believe in being proactive and transparent in addressing challenges and we value clear, complete communication. 
We met a notification of a diagnosis with immediate action. We conducted two intensive store cleanings, one of which was from a third party company specialized in the sterilization of retail stores. Additionally, the store was closed for more than 30 hours. We continue enhanced daily sanitation and cleaning measures multiple times per day, and we do a deep clean and sanitation every Saturday night. We have ensured all Team Members have been informed and understand the steps they should take to best safeguard their own health and the health of their community.

Out of an abundance of caution, we have required all Team Members to be tested. Each day we conduct daily health checks and temperature screenings for all Team Members before they enter the Store. We require face masks for all guests, team members, and anyone working in our Stores. We have installed plexiglass barriers at our registers, and operate under social distancing and crowd control measures. Our weekly Sunday closure gives the stores more than the recommended 24 hours after cleaning and before reopening. We remain committed to taking care of and protecting our Team Members as they safely serve our communities during this time.
Thank you for trusting us with your grocery shopping. We truly believe that we can all get through this together.
In health, 
The Lassens Team

12 thoughts on “Our Covid Response”

        1. Lassen’s is committed to 100% organic produce, but we understand that heirloom and non-hybrid crops are becoming more common than they used to be. Lassens has developed special relationships with these growers as we have the ability to market their product. Our produce buyer is constantly on the lookout for non-hybrid seasonal and biodynamic produce, and we bring it in whenever it is available. Thanks for asking such an interesting question! Hope to see you soon!

  1. My wife, Florcita, I enjoyed visiting the Camarillo store last November while on vacation. She loved the Feta cheese there and I, of course, always love the whole wheat fig newtons. We enjoyed talking to Debi and Kirsten. In 1974, while working for Hilmar, I remember helping to move equipment from the Lassen’s store on the south side of Pickwick Plaza to the north side where the store has stayed for many years.
    Wishing you many more years of healthy eating, selling healthy items and continued success for the Lassen’s food empire in the years ahead. Buen Provecho, from the Taylor family to the Lassen family!
    – John Taylor

  2. Every single great ma and pop family owned, personaly owned health store I know in the USA was bought up and ruined. I literally pray you will not follow suit.
    I have been shopping Lassens since the 80s and have moved, but never from one or the other of your stores.
    Thank God for Lassens. John Williams

    1. Thank you so much! It is a challenge to be an independent in this era of mergers and aquisitions, but we are determined to stay true to Oda’s vision for this family business. Luckily we have another generation in the pipeline who is dedicated to staying independent. We appreciate your loyalty!

    1. We have started some limited in-store Demos (with individual, sealed samples) and we had a very fun Anniversary Event in July, but due to the pandemic, our demos have to adhere to strict health guidelines. The return of demos (as we used to have them) depends on when Covid-19 is not a threat, so unfortunately we just don’t know. We miss them, too!

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