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Lassen's 42nd Anniversary!

Let’s Celebrate with a Recipe Straight from Oda and Hilmar!   These are no ordinary pancakes–they are Danish Pancakes from the recipe file of Oda and Hilmar Lassen!  They look like crepes, but since they came from Denmark, they have their own Danish, Natural Food twist!   Like most pancakes, the ingredient list is pretty …

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Oh Avocados!   So many options! So many ways to transform their wonderfully versatile taste into brilliant works of art! At only 99¢ per Organic Avocado for the rest of July at Lassens, chances are you’ll be buying in bulk!   Of course there are those lazy summer days when the amount of effort you’re …


Joy's Chia Smoothie

Ah… Here it is! What a good lookin’ smoothie! Before we get too deep into berries and chia seeds, let’s meet the lovely creator of this healthy drink!   This is Joy!   Joy is Lassen’s Regional Marketing Director. She’s the sweet face behind all our interesting Facebook and Twitter posts. As a former Pilates …

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Now, This is a Family Enterprise!

Burroughs Family Farm   It All Started in 1971 Although the family had been farming for at least 70 years, the Burroughs Family Farming formally began in 1971 with Ward and Rosie Burroughs, and Ward’s brother.  They farmed, and raised their children, and in 2004 Ward and Rosie dissolved the partnership with Ward’s brother.  They …

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Ole Ole Ole! Cinco de Mayo!

It’s Avocado Season!     I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and avocados weren’t exactly on our shopping list or in our grocery stores.  But when I married a Californian, they became an essential item at our house.  And I became more acquinted with Mexican food!  (The closest we had in Washington was Taco …

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Here's a Block-buster Breakfast idea!

Subtitled: I am horrible at estimating how many bananas my family will eat… I’m not much of a banana eater, and the others in my household eat them in fits and starts.  Consequently, I often have overripe bananas hanging around.  Yes, I freeze them (peeled) to use for smoothies (one of my daughters makes a …

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The Organic Protein Shake of Dreams

    This is a true story, and if I may add, also a love story.     One morning I was flying over Antarctica with Morgan Freeman trying to snatch up miniature rainbow colored penguins in my giant hands,     when suddenly –   Dee-deetle-deee! Dee-deetle-Dee! (This is the sound of my accursed …

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