Oh Avocados!   So many options! So many ways to transform their wonderfully versatile taste into brilliant works of art! At only 99¢ per Organic Avocado for the rest of July at Lassens, chances are you’ll be buying in bulk!   Of course there are those lazy summer days when the amount of effort you’re …


Cool Summer Drinks–Healthy and Easy!

It’s Not All About Soda You can see I had to drink some of them!  And I ate a few grapes, too! This morning I whipped up these babies–perfect for some hot summer afternoons! So Different and Delicious! I am not much of a juice drinker–I love my ice water–but for these I will make …

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Joy's Chia Smoothie

Ah… Here it is! What a good lookin’ smoothie! Before we get too deep into berries and chia seeds, let’s meet the lovely creator of this healthy drink!   This is Joy!   Joy is Lassen’s Regional Marketing Director. She’s the sweet face behind all our interesting Facebook and Twitter posts. As a former Pilates …

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A Fish Dish Story

Fish Even Kids Will Love     Maybe I’m just a mean mom, but however it happened, my kids grew up eating–and enjoying–fish.  I think one of the reasons is this recipe.   Years ago we went to a show in LA.  It was a dinner and comedy show with Danish comedians.  My Danish in-laws …

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My Roasting Obsession

This Time It’s S–L–O–W  And I Do Mean SLOW Remember this post about one of my favorite cooking methods, roasting?  I roast vegetables at least 4 times every week.  That why I was so intrigued when I stumbled across this recipe for Slow Roasted Tomatoes in the Cooking Light magazine that I picked up at the Ventura Lassen’s. Warning: …

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Artichoke Basil Turkey Sliders in Ventura

Try this excellent recipe!   The weekend is here and all this girl wants to do is run to the beach. The sky is blue, the wind is mild and the temperature is ideal for some fun in the sun. As I sit here, daydreaming of the beauty outside of these four walls I am …

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It's Almost Spring! Time to Get Your Hands in the Dirt!

Nothing Like Getting Dirty!      I love going into garden centers and seeing all of the little plants; It takes me back to when my mom and dad (with a lot of forced kid labor!) would plant a great big garden each spring.   And checking out all of the neatly lined-up packets of …

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