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Deodorant Detox!

Deodorant Detox! Written by Denae Have you wanted to take the plunge from conventional deodorants but every time you try you just stink yourself out? EO Products, a wonderful organic & natural company, has dedicated their 2017 to helping everyone willing to take the challenge! Not only have they provided enlightening information like, “…there can […]

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Do You Want to Impress Your Sweetheart?

Elegant, Romantic, Easy! I have always felt Valentine’s Day was a made-up holiday–manufactured by the sellers of cards and candy, abetted by restaurants and florists. But maybe we shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to express love and appreciation to those we love.  So here are a couple of fun, romantic, and frankly easy ways to

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Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Active Dad

Show Love and Appreciation to Dad!    It’s an orange and grey fall morning in 1994. The streets of Pasadena California are littered with dry leaves that crunch beneath my small LA Gear light-up sneakers. There’s a breeze but it’s pleasantly warm. As my dad, my older sister and I take our morning walk to school, we

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