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Can Fats be Healthy? Yes!

Times Have Changed! It wasn’t that long ago that fat was a dirty word. I recall attending a gym class where the teacher advised choosing all-sugar treats (such as Starburst or Skittles) over treats with any fat at all.  Many were excited to see no-fat products on the market — cookies and cakes made without […]

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Finding New Products at Expo East!

We’re on the Hunt for Great New Products! September has brought us to Baltimore for the Natural Products Expo East Trade Show. We love attending seminars and meeting producers — it’s exciting to see the creativity and great new products!  Here are some of the fun and delicious things we’ve see at this show! I

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Do You Want to Impress Your Sweetheart?

Elegant, Romantic, Easy! I have always felt Valentine’s Day was a made-up holiday–manufactured by the sellers of cards and candy, abetted by restaurants and florists. But maybe we shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to express love and appreciation to those we love.  So here are a couple of fun, romantic, and frankly easy ways to

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