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The Lassens Immigrate to America — A Leap into the Unknown

The End of the War The end of World War II was a huge relief to the Lassens and to all of Denmark. They were able to relax a little and resume their lives. They had another little girl, Doris, and Hilmar started a business making, repairing, and selling canvas tarps. Oda was always a

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Danish Cucumber Salad

Salad, Side Dish, Appetizer, Sandwich Topping — You Will Love this Simple and Easy Recipe! If you have enjoyed a Danish Smörgåsbord (or Swedish, for that matter) you have probably noticed a multitude of small serving dishes with little pickles of all kinds, red cabbage (rødkål, see Oda’s recipe here), peas and carrots, cucumbers, pickled beets, and

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Lassen's Loves to Celebrate Earth Day — It's Part of Our DNA!

Thank Your Mother (Earth!) Our motto at Lassen’s is The Best of Everything Good. And one way we live that motto is in the products that we bring into our communities. As we celebrate Earth Day this month, as well as during our Earth Day Events on April 20-21, here’s how we live The Best

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The Seaweed Bath Company has Something Great for You!

One Day Adam Noticed… Yup, it all started when Adam, the founder of the Seaweed Bath Company, noticed that his dry and irritable skin felt better the more he was in the ocean. He had tried a lot of products, but he didn’t like their harsh chemicals or side effects. He was living in Florida

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Oda's Best Æbleskivers

Delicious Danish Pancake Balls — a Lassen Family Favorite! I will never forget the first time I had Oda’s Æbleskivers. Warm, buttery, and just slightly crispy outside, they were a delight. Oda, our founder, was a wonderful cook, and was happy to share her recipe with me. I love making them for my family and friends,

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Catch the Excitement of Expo West!

It’s a Yearly Boost! We just got back from the biggest trade show of the year, full of excitement for new products and ideas! Here are just a few of the exciting products that we were able to see and sample this year. Coconut and lemon! Yum! These are going to be a fantastic snack

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A Love of Good, Healthy Living Started in Denmark

Quality First! If you have ever been to Solvang in the Santa Ynez Valley (between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria), you’ve had a taste of Danish culture, and hopefully Danish food! Æbleskivers (round pancake balls, eaten with powdered sugar and jam), Pølser (sausages) and Kartofler (potatoes, usually boiled), and Smørrebrød (open faced sandwiches) are easily

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Danish Red Cabbage — Rødkål

A Tradition! Whenever the Lassen family gets together for a traditional Danish meal, we love to include this taste of Denmark — Rødkål — Red Cabbage. It is delicious hot, warm, or cold, and makes a wonderful side dish. It’s sort of like the cranberry salad next to turkey on a Thanksgiving table, but much

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Growing Up to be Strong and Brave

Those Characteristics Appear Early! As our founder, Oda Lassen, grew up in post-World War I Denmark, she was surrounded by loving family and friends. Her father was a seaman, and her mother was lovingly nurturing her three boys and three girls. Those years between the World Wars were years of growth and happy memories. Oda

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