All About Apples

Written by Denae  Apples are beautiful, tasty, tart, sweet, and with such a variety everyone has a favorite! More apple posts to get you through this wonderful season! Vegan & Grain-Free Apple Crisp … Yam & Apple Bake Recipe Apple Chips Recipe Applesauce Recipe Apple Slice “Cookies” Recipe Biodynamic Apples

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Apples–The Fruit That Can Do Everything!

We’re Coming Up Galas at Lassen’s!   The Gala apples are gorgeous and so delicious!  I love the crispy snap of Galas, and the taste has just enough tart and just enough sweet.  A friend of mine recently used Gala apples, sliced thin, in a turkey sandwich!  Great idea! Yesterday I took advantage of the

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Grapes–Those Little Orbs of Happiness!

I’ve Been Making this Salad for Years!   I grew up in the Apple Capital of the World–Yakima Valley, Washington.  So I love my apples! (When they are good — I will reject a mushy apple with one bite, and there are varieties that I won’t touch.  Yes, I’m that spoiled.)   And putting them

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