Anniversary Throw Back!

Forty-Four Years and Going Strong!

Oda+Lassen, Health+Food+Store
Look!  Lassen’s was big on samples even way back in the beginning!
After working at a local Health Food store, Oda Lassen thought she cold do a better job so she decided–in her fifties!–to open her own.  It was 1971 in the small town of Camarillo, California.  Her husband, Hilmar, was a big support, and even the teenagers helped after school and in the summers. (This photo shows her daughter Anna.)  Oda didn’t want to open just any old store with incense and wheat germ, she wanted to provide quality products and a listening ear.  She wanted to help her community find solutions to their nutrition and health issues.  And she worked hard–unbelievably hard! 

There is so much more to the story of this amazing woman.  To learn more about her and her philosophy, click here. And this post tells Oda and Hilmar’s incredible story.

So this week we celebrate!  Our Anniversary Event is this Saturday July18, 2015 at all of our Lassen’s locations.  Check this out!

Do you see that?  All of our Ice Creams in pints and quarts are 30% off–including vegan, sugar-free, low-fat–every kind! It’s like an ice-cream social in the heat of summer!  Pick up some organic bananas, strawberries, and nuts as well, and you’ve got yourself a party!

There are lots of specials in our produce, meat, deli, supplements, and beauty departments as well.  This is just a small sample of what is on sale every day at Lassen’s, and we really ramp it up for our Anniversary sale!

There will be all kinds of demos and samples, as well as raffles for bikes, skateboards, gift baskets and more! Each location has a varied selection, so come in to see the variety.  You might even get to meet some of our amazing local producers!

Oda started everything that we are here at Lassen’s.  Her love of quality food and supplements.  Her incredible work ethic.  Her desire to help–really help–people with their concerns.  And most of all, her care for her team and her community.  We try to honor her memory in every thing we do every day. It goes back to passion, commitment, and respect — our core values at Lassen’s.

Come celebrate with us this Saturday — and every day!



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  1. I would like to apply for a job at Lassens as a demo person of your products in the Thousand Oaks store. I love Lassens and I am a health nut. I am 75 years old, retired and have my own Insurance. I am not your typical 75 year old senior. I am very energetiic. I have been in sales all my life and would be honored to be part of the Lassen team.
    I am outgoing and love people

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