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Fancy Foods 2015

Lots of Fun and Good Food in San Francisco!

Written by Gayle

For the last few years we have enjoyed attending the Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco, and this year is no exception.  There are so many amazing gourmet foods available!  We hope to bring you some of these items to you in the next few months.  Here is a sampling!

We sampled all kinds of juices, teas, and waters.  Chai is a tasty option!


There are all kinds of frozen treats, too–lots of great imagination going into this snack!


Chocolove–one of our favorite chocolate brands–has a great new product!  They’ve turned their bars into little bites of heaven!

fancy+foods+show, think+thin, hot+oatmeal

Think Thin–one of our great snack bars–now has several hot oatmeal cups.  How convenient and tasty!

Fancy+foods+show, cypress+grove+cheese

Cypress Grove Goat Cheese is a consistently delicious brand of cheese, and they were very proud of their American Humane Certified perfect score!

Fancy+foods+show, Cypress+grove+cheese, American+Humane+Certified

And we slowed down and enjoyed all of the cheese selection available!  This was a delicious Blue from Oregon. (Sorry, Ducks, about the game!)

fancy+foods+show blue+cheese, Rogue+creamery

Sartori had a huge booth with so many delicious varieties.  Lassen’s carries several of their cheeses, and it was fun sampling!

fancy+foods+show, sartori+cheese

A monk (or at least someone in a monk’s robe!) used this clever cheese wheel and invited us to sample a very strong stinky, but delicious cheese!


Yes, there was more cheese!


And crackers!  These thins are wonderful, and have a new line of mini crackers that we love.


The last thing we saw for the day was this line of fresh pastas.  They have four gluten free varieties!

fancy+foods+show, fresh+pasta, gluten+free, gluten+free+pasta

And some organic fresh pastas as well!  We are definitely going to try to bring these into our cases!

fancy+foods+show, organic+fresh+pasta
It’s always so great to see what innovative and delicious foods are trending at the Fancy Foods Show, and how creative people are.  And we look forward to bringing new items to you.  So watch for new items at Lassen’s!


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