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Mom… or WOW… In Any Direction, She Could Use a Little Pat on the Back!

And Make That Pat on the Back Soothing!

Written by Gayle

As you know from my crazy, over-the-top Holiday DIY post (click here ), I like homemade gifts.  I like making them, I like getting them, I like thinking about them!
Many years ago I had a retired friend, who said that she told her children that if she couldn’t wear it or eat it, don’t bother to give it to her.  She did not need any more nick-nacks.  So in keeping with her philosophy, here is a simple, easy DIY gift for Mom.  Not exactly worn or eaten, it nonetheless will help what she wears to smell good and keep the moths away!  

DIY Herbal Sachets

DIY+sachets, herbal+sachets, mothers+day

You’ll Need:

  • A variety of botanicals.  These are the ones that I used (all available at Lassen’s–except the eucalyptus, which I cut from my neighbor’s tree…):
    • rosebuds
    • camomile
    • calendula
    • lavender
    • eucalyptus leaves and seed pods–dried overnight in a 120 degree oven
    • dried orange peel–peel and then slice, then dried overnight 
DIY+sachets, herbal+sachets, mothers+day
  • If desired, essential oils to boost the scent.  I used rose and lavender essential oils.
  • Some kind of bags.  You can get muslin bags (or make them), organza gift bags (I found these in the wedding section of a craft/hobby store, or even handkerchiefs.  (These are for bigger sachets–just bring up the corners and secure with a tied ribbon.)
DIY+sachets, herbal+sachets, mothers+day
These were straight off of a tree–I love the seed pods!
You can see how some have burst, some are blooming, and some have yet to burst!
I put my botanicals in bowls so that I could easily mix them.  
DIY+sachets, herbal+sachets, mothers+day
I also added about 1 tsp of essential oil to my rosebuds and my lavender to boost the scent.  Mix the oil in well. 
DIY+sachets, herbal+sachets, mothers+day
Mix the herb blends.  This is what I mixed together:
  • rosebuds, calendula, and camomile–for soothing and relaxing
  • eucalyptus, lavender, and orange peels–for repelling moths, as well as a fragrant scent
Then spoon the herbs into your little bags (or in the center of a handkerchief) and tie.
DIY+sachets, herbal+sachets, mothers+day
I also decorated the bags with some ribbon or flowers, too.  
Have mom tuck these sachets into clothing drawers or hang them in the closet.  They’ll keep clothes smelling fresh, and remind her of your love and appreciation all year long!
DIY+sachets, herbal+sachets, mothers+day

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