You've Got That Lovin' Feeling!

Let’s DIY to Keep It Alive All Year!

Written by Gayle

I know you’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure your Sweetie feels special on this Valentine’s Day.  You came up with something creative and romantic and fun.
[If you haven’t…  Check out our recipe & instructions for Chocolate Dipped Strawberries  or for Chocolate Fondue or last week’s post with a recipe for Agave Caramel Popcorn.  Get busy!]
But what about next week?  And the week after that?  Sometimes keeping the lovin’ feeling is the biggest challenge!
Have you fallen into the dinner-and-movie rut?  Here’s a gift I made for my married kids for Christmas that would be a great Valentine’s gift to help you and your sweetheart to inject a little variety into the spice of love!
DIY+date+jar, date+ideas, Valentine's+Day, Valentines+day

Date Ideas Jar

You’ll Need:

  • A jar that is tall enough for your sticks (an old spaghetti or mayonnaise jar would work just fine!
  • about 50 wooden sticks.  I got the wider ones at a craft store
  • A red paint pen or glitter paint
  • A lot of date ideas.  I went to Pinterest and searched “Date Ideas” and a bunch of sites came up.  I went to several and picked out the ones that I thought would be fun.
  • Ribbon, and an Instructions sticker.  I made this one with the Avery online tool but you could just write it out by hand on a label from an office supply store.  You could add some heart stickers!
Write or print your chosen date ideas on the sticks.  Because I did several of these jars for gifts (and my handwriting is not wonderful) I printed the ideas on clear address labels.  That made it a lot faster.
DIY+date+jar, Valentines+day, date+ideas
I also used glitter paint to draw hearts on one end of the stick.  Put them in the jar and then add the ribbon and instructions!
The instructions say: “Each Sunday choose a stick.  If that one doesn’t work, choose another.  Decide on day, time, and who is in charge of making the arrangements.  Turn the stick heart down and back into the jar.”
My kids actually went through the sticks and eliminated the ones that didn’t interest them (“go to a poetry reading.”  I tried.), but there were plenty of ideas that they did like so they’ll still have unique and fun dates for many months!  When all of the sticks are heart-side down, they can turn them over and start again!
DIY+date+jar, Valentines+Day, Date+ideas
Lassen’s wishes you a loving and heart-filled Valentine’s Day, as well as a loving year!

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