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Focus on Local–Sarah’s Skinny Sweets

A Transformation Into a New Lifestyle

Written by Gayle

Sarah has been in the Health Food Industry since she was sixteen years old–working in stores and as a Vitamin Sales Representative.  But it was her personal journey to better health that prompted her to develop her line of treats–Sarah’s Skinny Sweets.

Sarah's+Skinny+sweets, gluten+free, diabetic+friendly

Sarah experimented will many kinds of eating plans and diets.  They all worked in the short term, but she never was able to shake the digestive issues and pain that plagued her. At the beginning of 2010, as she started the year with a juice cleanse, her mother discovered that she had a gluten allergy.  Sarah was amazed when she saw her mom, after excising gluten from her diet and following a healthy Paleo diet regimen, healthy and fit.  She thought that perhaps Sarah had a sensitivity to gluten as well, and suggested that she try eating gluten-free.

So Sarah did–and has not looked back.  Within three months she had lost all of the excess weight that she had struggled with losing, the stomach and digestive issues were gone, and she felt transformed.  She says, “During my transformation I realized this was far more than a simple diet; this was my new lifestyle.”

Sarah's+Skinny+Sweets, diabetic+friendly, gluten+free

At about this time, her grandfather discovered that he had developed Type II Diabetes, and was unable to enjoy baking and eating treats.  Sarah has always loved baking, and with her new lifestyle, began experimenting with baking gluten-free.  When she learned about her grandfather, she decided that she would include “Diabetic-friendly” in the requirements.  So batch after batch, she made cookies and had many people try them and give feedback.  When she found Xylitol as a sweetener, her treats were a hit with all of her testers.  She feels her recipe is the “best combination for health.”  And now her grandfather doesn’t sneak sugar when no one is watching!

Sarah's+Skinny+Sweets, gluten+free, diabetic+friendly

Sarah’s “Indulgences” are made with coconut flour, coconut oil, Xylitol, and applesauce.  She then adds the quality ingredients to make each flavor unique–vegan chocolate chips, macadamia nuts, cocoa powder, orange, and/or dried cranberries.  My favorite is the Orange-Cranberry Almond–great with a cup of herbal tea for a relaxing evening!

Sarah has had some exciting times with her sweets already!  She was asked to provide 750 bags of her treats for the Emmy Gift Bags, which was a challenge for her budding business.  But with the help of her family and friends, she was able to fulfill that request.  She is also going to the Oscars Celebrity Gifting Suite to give away and introduce her Indulgences to Celebrities that gather for the Oscars.

sarah's+skinny+sweets, diabetic+friendly, gluten+free

Sarah’s neighbor designed her logo and graphics, which feature Sarah in a retro glamour shot.

Developing Sarah’s Skinny Sweets has been a personal adventure for Sarah.  Although her job can be exhausting, she feels energized when she works on this dream.  She started baking in her kitchen,  but now she now is able to have her treats made in a commercial kitchen.

sarah's+skinny+sweets, Gluten+free, diabetic+friendly, diabetic+diet

The treats are available in Original Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Macadamia, and Orange Cranberry Almond.  We are proud to feature Sarah’s Skinny Sweets at Lassen’s–come see how delicious gluten-free (and Paleo, vegan, low-carb, soy-free, and no sugar added) can be!



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