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Recently I spent the morning in Santa Barbara with Suzanne, the creator and owner of the Metamour skin care line.  She has been making skin and body care products since the 1990’s., Lassen's, metamour+botanique, natural+skin+care
Suzanne had a retail store in Ojai called Earthworks.  She worked with aromatherapy in her retail store.  She created the Essencia skin care line, and then sold it in the 1990’s.  The formulations in the Essencia line have now been changed from her originals.  Suzanne decided that she needed a change, and left the retail and skin-care business to sell real estate for ten years.  The housing market crashed at the same time she was feeling a need to get back into the skin care business., Lassen's, metamour+immortelle, natural+skin+care, Day+night+cream
Suzanne couldn’t find products that were made without chemicals and artificial fragrances.  Her skin was photo-sensitive, and she was frustrated with the products available.  So she started to work with a chemist to formulate products that would satisfy her demand for high quality.
All of Metamour products are USDA certified organic, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, and made with non-GMO ingredients.  They are also free of paraben and polymers, and artificial fragrances and colors.  Suzanne has formulated the products specifically for those of all ages with problematic, sensitive skin.  When I described my skin issues, she immediately was able to recommend a wonderful healing, non-greasy moisturizer.  I have been using the Botanique Vitamin C Serum every day!, Lassen's, Metamour+botanique, skin+care, sensitive+skin,
Suzanne’s Metamour has two lines of products.  The Botanique line specializes in more-affordable solutions to problem skin.  She has a foaming cleanse, which I have in my shower right now.  It contains Soapberry from Africa, along with floral waters.  The Vitamin C Serum is in the Botanique line, along with Essential Oil Body Care Lotions (in 4 scents), and three kinds of Healing Toners., Lassen's, Metamour+Immortelle, sensitive+skin, Oil+Corsica, botanicals
Suzanne’s Immortelle is a premiere skin care line that contains Immortelle Oil.  Immortelle oil comes from the Immortelle plant (“Helicrysum Italiacum”) that is cultivated in Corsica, France.  This oil has regenerative properties, aids healing and has anti-aging benefits.   The Creme Cleanse is yummy!
I love the Regenerative Mist for an afternoon pick-me-up, too.  There are also two creams–a Day & Night Cream, as well as a Repair Creme with a French Lavender, Lavandin., Lassen's, Metamour+Immortelle, Metamour+Bontanique, Cooling+Toner, Regenerative+Mist
Lassen’s has many lines of great skin and body care products.  Metamour is definitely one that you can use with confidence!  Quality ingredients, careful formulations, beautiful packaging (designed by Suzanne’s son, and even printed inside the boxes for more interesting information!), and natural in every sense of the word.  You can feel good about using Metamour products.
Next time you visit Lassen’s, ask our Health and Beauty Aids consultants about Metamour.  You can feel great about supporting our local products, too!

5 thoughts on “Focus on Local–Metamour Skin Care”

  1. I tried these products and they are absolutely amazing. My skin never felt so healthy! I went from feeling a dried out 54 year old, to a previous 20 year old complexion. It must be the Helicrysum italicum ingredient. What a find!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Patricia Sevitski

    This is the best moisturizer I have ever used. So disappointed that I can’t find it near me in Calabasas, but love it so much I will drive to Lassen’s to pick it up. Try this line, you won’t regret it.

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