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A New Year… Hmmm…

Time for a Fresh Start!
I’m not going to blast you with a guilt-trip on this New Year.  But here are some suggestions for a great year.

Notice Beauty


When my sister and her husband moved from drizzly Seattle to the San Diego area, they promised each other that they would stop whatever they were doing and watch the sunset every day.  How often do we neglect the beauty that is all around us?  Noticing beauty isn’t just a fun thing to do.  It adds a deep breath and perspective to our all-too-often hectic lives.  

Ask Questions
Ever wonder why people take this supplement or choose that particular smoothy?  Go ahead and ask!  Of course we are interested in you learning new things when you come into Lassen’s, because we do care about your health.  (Not just a slogan–promise!)
     Here are some of my favorites.  I love Alaffia’s hair products.  I have dry hair, and the Shea and Henna Moisturizing Shampoo helps keep it managable and soft, even when I shampoo every day.  The conditioner is a must!  I’ve always been concerned about my bones because osteoporosis runs in my family, so I’ve taken Jarrow’s Bone-Up for more than 20 years.  So far, my bone density is in good shape!   Have you TASTED the organic honeycrisp apples?  I grew up in the apple capital of the world, Yakima, Washington, so I know my apples and I’m very picky about them!  Crisp, tart but sweet, and no awful wax coating.  Yum!  My daughter can eat about a half-dozen of these small tangerines in one sitting, so I always scoop up a big bag of them whenever I shop at Lassen’s!  And Brown Cow Yogurt with berries and granola is just about my favorite breakfast.  (Watch this blog for a wonderful granola recipe later in the week!)
     So next time you visit, take a couple of minutes and ask a member of our staff about their favorite supplement, or body-care product, or soup–whatever interests you!  They would be happy to share.  And you just may discover something that will become your new favorite.
  And this goes for other areas of your life, too–ask questions about anything–and use that awesome feature on e-books where you can find out the definition of unfamiliar words with just one tap!

Flirt with Babies


Take a look at this cutie!  Don’t you just want to squeeze those cheeks and rub his head?  Keep a look-out at the Ventura Lassen’s, because you just might spot this adorable baby.  I guarantee that he will grin back at you if he catches your eye!  (He’s the son of one of our staff members.)

  You’ll feel so much more cheerful after a flirting session with a baby.

Look for–and be amazed at–New Things   


Now THIS is an incredible creature!  Did you know seahorses come in a multitude of varieties?  And that the male carries and gives birth to the babies?  (How’s that for trivia?)  We have museums and zoos and Interpretive Centers and libraries all around us.  How long has it been since you’ve visited one of them?  Have you ever stopped at an “Historical Marker” as you’ve sped to get someplace?  If you just visit someplace new (or old, for that matter, if you haven’t been there for a while) a couple of times this year, what a more interesting 2013 you will have!

Move a Little More than You Did in 2012

You probably know as well as I do that you feel better when you’re moving.  Studies have shown that it doesn’t take much exercise to improve your health.  So find something that you like to do and do it more than you did last year.  Or try something new!  If you have a desk job, set an alarm to remind you to get up and walk around every hour or so.  If you’re at home, take the long way to the mailbox.  When running errands, park far away from the door.  Just walking around the office or up the stairs a few more times than usual makes you feel better.
New+Year, Hiking+PCH

And by the way, there are some awesome hikes along Highway 1.  We particularly like the trails that start at Sycamore Canyon, and also one a little farther west that starts across from the Military shooting range near Point Mugu–Mugu Overlook  (It’s a very steep butt-kicking hike, though–be prepared to sweat!)  Here is a photo taken New Year’s Day from the top of one of the Sycamore Canyon trails (much more gentle than the Mugu Overlook).  Gorgeous!

Turn off the Noise for a Little While Every Day


I saw this on pinterest a couple of months ago and it made me stop and think–

Why do we feel that we have to be doing, doing, doing all of the time?  It’s OK to take time to do nothing.   Turn off the radio in the car and enjoy the silence.  Meditation or prayer or yoga or even just staring at the clouds recharges our mental and emotional batteries, so don’t neglect the times of nothing in your life.  It doesn’t count if you have the radio or music or TV on.  Silence rules! 

Happy New Year from all of the Folks at Lassen’s.  Have a wonderful 2013!


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