Holiday Countdown Part 1: Stocking – Stuffers!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas
It’s officially December! Don’t tell me that there aren’t flurries of cottony snow falling gently on my eyelashes. Don’t say that around the corner there isn’t a frozen lake full of families ice skating and sledding down the powder covered hills. Do not attempt to look me in the eye and explain that there aren’t Douglas Firs growing tall and proud as far as the eye can see that twinkle with fresh white snow. I know that I’m living in Southern California, but just don’t tell me! One of the many wonderful things that this season brings are the winter dreams that flood your mind when December finally arrives.
Yessiree Bob, the Holidays are almost here! To bring us straight into the spirit of giving, here are some awesome and unique little stocking – stuffer ideas that will make this season bright, wholesome and healthy!

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Hugo Naturals Vanilla Peppermint Cupcake Fizzy Bath Bomb
Possibly the most adorable thing to contain the word “bomb”.
With their humble beginnings selling hand crafted soap at Farmer’s Markets, Hugo Naturals products strive to provide the public with clean and honest products that contain no parabans, soy or gluten but are vegan, cruelty free and are made from 100% natural ingredients!
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 No Miss Holiday One Coat Polish

Making nails fancy and festive without, you know… destroying them!
Do NOT Contain: Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl-Pthalate or Camphor.
However, does contain joy, cheer and holiday jubilance!

Triloka Premium Incense

Never mind that all Triloka items are 20% off all December long, or that there’s a large variety of beautiful incense holders, jewelry and decorative ornaments that compliment their extensive library of lovely smelling incense sticks, OR that Triloka items are fair trade, ethically sourced or handcrafted…
Just kidding, those are all valid points of why these are AWESOME!



BROO handcrafted Beer Shampoo, Conditioners & Body Wash

Beer shampoo, with it’s long history traced from ancient Egypt to Europe to America in the 1960’s, has been used for centuries to give hair an extra bounce and shine! Hops, oatmeal and citrus? Yes! Frat house? NO!

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True Wax Hand Crafted Mustache Wax For the True Man!
Finally, after years of being the bushy calling card of villains, creepy uncles and typically the wrong sort of chap, The Mustache has come to it’s rightful place on the upper-lip of  the modern Gentleman. Beeswax, clove oil and natural ingredients will make the ends of any gentlemen’s whiskers curl like the smoke from Sherlock Holmes’s long stemmed Briar wood pipe!
stocking+stuffers, fir+incense


Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir & Juniper Incense Sticks
If you do not know much about Juniper Ridge, I ardently suggest you take a poke around their website. Wilderness lovers through and through, the folks at Juniper Ridge make it their mission to bring nature to you in it’s most honest and alluring form. Taking a stand against the petro-chemical fragrances popularized in the main stream, they go out into the open forest air to harvest real plant trimmings. Be it Cedars in the Siskiyou coastal mountains or Juniper from the woodlands of Eastern Sierra Nevada, this incense will warm the hearts of those who love the rustic smell of campfires and the comforting scent of a crackling fireplace.

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Dr. Bronner’s Natural Certified Fair Trade Pure Castille Soap – Travel Size
Needing little introduction, Dr. Bronner’s USDA organic and fair trade soaps have made a huge impact on the health conscious community. Support a company that donated over $250,000 to support prop 37, the proposition that would have made it mandatory for companies to label all GMO’s in their food. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps is clearly a brand that cares about your health. Share the love!


stocking+stuffers, fair+trade, fingerless+mittens


Lakhay Knit Fingerless Gloves
Beautiful knit gloves on the outside, warm black fleece on the inside! When you aren’t hand in hand with your loved ones, keep theirs warm with this winter wonder wear. Made and fairly traded by woman artisans in Nepal, these beauties are available in ALL sorts of colors and styles!


Bovetti Gourmet Chocolate Bars
From the understated brown wrapping to the over-sized window where you can thoroughly observe your beautiful and, I dare say, exquisite chocolate before consuming it, from the get go these artisan chocolates are certainly a cut above the rest. The hefty chunks of salt in the caramel and fleur de sel chocolate are a sure sign that there ain’t so skimpin’ from the guys at Bovetti! 
stocking+stuffers, lip+balm
Zum Shea Butter Lip Balm
Organic ingredients and natural vitamin E oil will make application of the Zumbo Kiss lip balms feel like a kiss from ol’ Jack Frost himself! Available in spearmint, peppermint or hey, BOTH! 


All of these and so much more available at your local Lassens! For more great gift ideas, check out our Holiday displays! 100% recycled paper gift wrap and bows, ribbon made of recycled water bottles, seasonal sips of Zhena’s new holiday teas, candy canes, and more! 
Stay tuned this week for Holiday Countdown Part 2!
Wishing you comfort and joy this season!

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