Mother's Day All Natural Homemade Solid Perfume

She could be the woman who brought you into this world. She could be the woman who raised you, fed you, clothed you. She could be a trusted friend, confidante or mentor.
She may have been the one you ran from when it was bath time
or the one who you ran to when the world seemed scary.
She may be somewhere very close or somewhere very distant, but
she’s right there with you every time you do a good deed and show kindness to another.
Whoever Mother is to you, Sunday, May 13th is HER DAY! 
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When I was little I used to do arts and crafts in school for Mother’s Day;

writing a silly poem using the letters in the word “MOTHER”, gluing noodles to a sheet of construction paper in the shape a flower or frosting cupcakes with hot pink (and practically inedible) sugar paste.
As I’ve grown up all of the drawings, poems & baking atrocities that my Mom treasured have been replaced by neat, clean and paid for flowers and chocolates (which, given the past, I’m sure she appreciates). However, I know that there’s something about the handmade gift that touches a parent’s heart more than anything money can buy.

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This Mother’s Day I’d like to share a recipe for a solid perfume using beeswax and essential oils. 

Until recently, I hadn’t ever heard of solid perfume. I found that it has its roots in Egyptian history as a scented balm that is rubbed on the skin using fingers or (in modern times) a cotton swab. It has since been modified and and redesigned to be more compact and portable. I like this idea for a Mother’s Day gift because it allows for you to be very specific to your Mom’s taste. You can make a custom fragrance based on smells that you know she likes or ones that remind you of her. For instance, I’m going to make my mom a rose perfume because of a memory that I have as a child of my mom growing roses in the backyard.
Without further ado, I give you…

Homemade All Natural Solid Perfume for Mom

You will need:
• 1 Tbsp grated organic beeswax or beeswax beads (affordably available in bulk at select Lassens locations!)
• 1 tsp Now jojoba oil
• 12- 16 drops Aura Cacia organic essential oil fragrance of choice.
• 1 glass jar
• 1 small cooking pot
• 1 decorative container or perfume locket
(Note: In these images I tripled the recipe to fill 2 larger candy containers. 
The recipe as follows make about 2 Tablespoons worth of perfume. 
You may adjust recipe depending on amount of perfume needed.)
Pour beeswax into glass jar.

DIY+solid+perfume, DIY+perfume

Place glass jar in small pot. Fill pot with 2-3 inches of boiling water and on stove top on low.

DIY+solid+perfume, DIY+perfume

Once the wax begins to melt turn off the heat. Stir wax (with the other hot-pad protected hand securing the jar in the pot)
add essential oils and jojoba oil.

DIY+solid+perfume, DIY+perfume

Pour mixture into decorative container and let cool.

DIY+Solid+perfume, DIY+perfume
DIY+solid+perfume, DIY+perfume

DIY Container Ideas:

Find an antique perfume locket at a thrift store or online and fill it with the perfume.
For a personal touch, pour mixture into and old mint or candy tin.
I used 2 old Xyla mint tins that happened to already have beautiful quotes on the inside lid.
Paint the outside with chalk paint (this will take a few layers of paint) and write a special message to Mom!
Pair your solid perfume with a complementary organic chocolate bar and flowers (after-all, I’m sure she still loves your grown-up gifts).

DIY+solid+perfume, DIY+perfume, solid+perfume


For more ideas, visit our Mother’s Day display at your local Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins for great deals on organic chocolates, bouquets of local flowers, environmentally friendly Mother’s Day cards,  fair trade handmade aprons and jewelry! You can also pick up this and other recipes as free recipe cards on the display.

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Wishing everyone a very special Mother’s Day with the people you love!

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