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Cinco de Mayo / Organic Mango Salsa!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
You could assume that Mexican cuisine is one of my very favorite kinds of foods-
and you’d be right!
A menagerie of cheeses, sauces, fillings and spices to create flavor combinations that
both excite the taste-buds while simultaneously comforting the soul, what’s not to love?
Celebrating the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces

in the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862,
Cinco de Mayo has become a day for American’s of all ethnicities to celebrate Mexican culture.
For many it is a long awaited excuse to fire up the grill and serve up
some hot and savory Mexican dishes and dips.
With hopes that you yourself will be attending such an event of fiesta fare,
I might suggest that you don’t arrive empty handed.
For a quick, easy, fresh and organic side dish that will seamlessly
mingle right next to the homemade tamales,
I give you… 
Organic Mango Salsa, Lassen's, Organic+Mango+Salsa, Mango+Salsa

Mangoes have a tendency to be a bit of a pain to dice up correctly
so for a little help, here is a website that helps demonstrate the right way to do it.
Some more happy news,
For a limited time at Lassens organic mangoes at 2 for $3!!!

With a deal this caliente, come and get em’ while we got em’! 
Have a fun and festive Cinco de Mayo and a happy and healthy weekend!

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  1. Ha! Yes, definitely view this website before attempting your first mango. The alternative is quite a mess, though delicious nonetheless.

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