Cool Kitchen Tips and a Fun Lunch

This is Something That Made Me Crazy for a Long Time   While my family loved watermelon, I hated to get it.  Why?  I dreading cutting the darned thing.  The knife had slipped too many times and I was knife-shy!  How do you cut up a round thing without putting your fingers in mortal danger? …

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Joy's Chia Smoothie

Ah… Here it is! What a good lookin’ smoothie! Before we get too deep into berries and chia seeds, let’s meet the lovely creator of this healthy drink!   This is Joy!   Joy is Lassen’s Regional Marketing Director. She’s the sweet face behind all our interesting Facebook and Twitter posts. As a former Pilates …

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Here's a Block-buster Breakfast idea!

Subtitled: I am horrible at estimating how many bananas my family will eat… I’m not much of a banana eater, and the others in my household eat them in fits and starts.  Consequently, I often have overripe bananas hanging around.  Yes, I freeze them (peeled) to use for smoothies (one of my daughters makes a …

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