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Try These Real Danish Dumplings!

These are Definitely Not My Mother’s Danish Dumplings! My mom knew her way around the kitchen, and was willing to try lots of recipes. And our family loved her delicious soups. Occasionally she would make Danish Dumplings, which I liked, but I preferred noodles. When I joined the Danish Lassen family, I was introduced to

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A Black Powder to Whiten Teeth? That's Some of the Magic in My Magic Mud!

From Mainstream Mom to Entrepreneur Jessica thought of herself as a “mainstream mom” — just using name and national brand products for her family. But she noticed that many of her friends were into using more thoughtful, natural products.  So when her daughter was dealing with weak and sensitive teeth, Jessica started to think and act

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Made from Food — MegaFood!

Plain and Simple — Supplements Made from Food When Mega Food started in 1973, they wanted to keep it simple — to “produce superior whole food supplements for those who care about their health and well being” (from the Mega Food website). They found a wonderful little red house in Derry, New Hampshire, and went to

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The Surprising Versatility of Activated Charcoal

And We’re Not Talking Barbecue! One of the first times I had heard the term “Activated Charcoal” was when I had little kids and wanted to make sure my first aid kit was complete.  I learned that activated charcoal was an essential treatment for accidental poisoning, which is always a fear with little curious kids! 

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One Hundred Years Ago…

It was a Different World, for Sure!                         When the year 1918 began, the Great War — World War I, as it would be later known — was still raging, although it would end before the year did. Russia declared a republic of Soviets. There

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Collagen — Good for Every Body

Want Strong and Healthy Joints, Bones, Skin, Tendons, and More? Collagen may be just what you’re looking for.  It is one of the building blocks of our physical bodies — a structural protein that is found in those joints, bones, skin, and tendons, as well as many other places in the body. It is the

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Not Just Smart Chicken — Smarter Chicken!

A Model We Can Believe in When we flew to Nebraska to visit the Smart Chicken Farms and Plants, we were in for an education! With all that I had heard about meat processing, I prepared myself to see things up close and personal, and I did. But I also learned how thoughtful and careful

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Holiday Shortcuts at Lassen's!

Gift Ideas at Lassen’s? Of course! You know the feeling — you have just a few more things on your gift list for the Holidays, and you need to get some groceries. You can take care of both errands at Lassen’s! You know we have great Always 100% Organic produce and the highest quality supplements

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Bitchin': Adj: Wonderful, First Rate, Excellent

You might have seem them sampling at Lassen’s — the Bitchin’ Sauce folks know that if you just try their Vegan Sauces, you’ll love them! And you likely will.  When Star was a teenager she became a Vegan and started experimenting with Raw foods as well. She had a hippie-style, natural upbringing, and  was encouraged

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Bogüe Milk Soaps — As Local as You Can Get!

It has been a bit of a journey, but Susan and her son Adam have come full circle back to The Ojai Valley, now making what they call “Farm to Bath” soaps. Susan’s parents moved to Ojai from Boston in the 60s, and after college in the 70s, Susan and her mother opened a shop

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