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The Seaweed Bath Company has Something Great for You!

One Day Adam Noticed…
Yup, it all started when Adam, the founder of the Seaweed Bath Company, noticed that his dry and irritable skin felt better the more he was in the ocean. He had tried a lot of products, but he didn’t like their harsh chemicals or side effects. He was living in Florida and that ocean water just seemed to help.
So he began researching what healing secrets the ocean might hold. His search led him to ocean-based therapies and found that some spas were using seaweed in their skin care. He discovered thallosotherapy — therapy using sea water and shore products for skin care. He learned that a particular kind of seaweed — bladderwrack — was particularly beneficial. He got a big bag or bladderwrack from a spa in Ireland, where it grows in the cool waters, and started experimenting. He developed some topical therapies with the seaweed, and found that soaking in a seaweed bath soothed any skin irritation, redness, or inflammation.
Bladderwrack grows in a harsh environment, so it develops a strong mineral and protective oil profile, including iodine. Adam learned that Bladderwrack grows in the waters off Portland, Maine, and the seaweed is the most nutrient dense in May and June.  He found a fisherman, Tom, who was harvesting the seaweed by hand for his own business. Adam started working with Tom, and their partnership was born.
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Adam thought this could be helpful for other people, so he started passing out samples of his seaweed bath powders. People found it very soothing and healing, and kept asking where they could get more! So in late 2010 the Seaweed Bath Company was born. 
When the tide is low, the seaweed is harvested by hand. They cut it at an angle at the base so that the plants will regrow in a healthy manner. It will grow to full size within 36 months. Adam makes sure that they are harvesting in a responsible manner, preserving the coastal environment. They rotate their harvest area between Cape Elizabeth and Casco Bay.  They also do water and plant testing to make sure the seaweed is healthy and free of contaminants. 
After harvesting, the seaweed is dried in nearby Scarborough, Maine, to about a 10% water retention rate. Then the seaweed is milled or powdered, as well as prepared for extraction, since the Seaweed Bath Company’s products uses all three kinds of preparations. 
The first products that Adam, and his wife Allison, developed were the detox bath and the bath powders. Later, as people asked for other items, they added creams, washes, and hair care products. Their main focus is hydrating the skin and hair, since hydration is so healing. They add quality ingredients like Kukui oil, Argon oil, Vitamin E oil, chlorophyll, neem, spirulina, and others. Their products are gluten free, and you’ll notice the thick moisturizing viscosity of their creams and hair products. I love the hair condition to tame my mane!
 the+seaweed+bath+company, bladderwrack+seaweed, dry+skin, irritated+skin, hydrating+bath+powders, bath+powder
Lassen’s is proud to carry products from the Seaweed Bath Company, and you can find something that you’ll love for your skin and hair! Catch the 40% on the entire line during our April 2018 monthly deal! 
It never fails that nature provides amazing solutions when we go out there and search for them! And that’s just what Adam did. 

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  1. Belinda Delabarrra

    When someone takes the time to really show the benefits of products it shows that they care!
    Thanks — that’s why I love Lassen’s. You’ve sell the best foods and products! Keep up the good work, thank you.

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