A lot of origin stories go back a few years or even a few decades. But when I visited Joni from Puremedy at her office and production facility in Westlake Village, I learned a totally different kind of story.
In 1865, Joni’s great grandfather, Joseph Piquette, was a toddler in Quebec, Canada. He suffered a third degree burn on the top of his foot, which, as you can imagine, became infected. There were very few options in those days, and when his entire foot began to turn black with gangrene, the local doctor couldn’t do much more than recommend that the leg be amputated. But Joseph’s father sought out the local Medicine Man, who went out into the woods. He came back some time later with an assortment of botanicals, with which he crafted a healing salve. The salve saved Joseph’s leg from amputation, and was so effective that there was no scar.
Of course the salve became incredibly important to Joseph’s family, and in 1904, he wrote several copies of this sacred recipe in French, which have been passed down to members of the family. Joni has one of those hand-written recipes framed and hung in her office, and she proudly showed it to me.
Over the more than 150 years since then, Joni’s family has carried on the tradition of making this salve for friends and family, which was dubbed “Pete’s Salve” after Joni’s grandfather (Joseph’s son). Joni said some of her earliest memories are of her family getting together and making batches of the salve. They called those get-togethers “salve-making parties,” where “Grandpa Pete” taught them exactly how to make the salve. He would also share many incredible stories of how the salve healed everything from diabetic sores, burns, infections, and much more. Joni even told me about how her mother’s infected appendix surgery wound was healed with the salve, despite the doctor’s dire prognosis.
Joni would like her salve to replace Neosporin in every household. They are currently taking The Original Healing Salve through the FDA to become a certified wound care device, which will allow them to play a major role in future wound care. This could be a game-changer in wound care where tens of thousands of dollars can easily be spent to treat wounds in a hospital or care center.
If you want to see the salve in action, watch this YouTube video of how it helped Dudley!

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Here are a few key points about this powerhouse product: 
1) Antibacterial — This salve kills the full spectrum of bad bacteria, including MRSA, staph, strep, and candida. It simply traps the microorganisms in a no-air, no-moisture environment so the bacteria cannot survive. 
2) Cleans/Debrides (removes damaged tissue or foreign objects from) wounds, and establishes a healthy environment for the body to repair itself naturally — The pine extracts used in the formulations are extremely powerful and naturally pulls out debris and toxins without harming healthy tissue. It draws any foreign matter out of the skin.
3) Increases blood circulation — In a human study, the Original Healing Salve increased blood circulation and oxygen levels 20% in the first 30 minutes of application. This is crucial for wound healing because it allows the blood to carry all of the nutrients, enzymes, oxygen, and collagen to the area that was compromised. 
4) Doctor recommended —  Joni is working with a PA in Santa Barbara, CA who has used the Original Healing Salve on pressure ulcers and diabetic wounds. All patients were completely healed. Puremedy also has a fantastic product — Feminine Moisturizer — for vaginal dryness/discomfort. This is a phenomenal product for women suffering from menopausal symptoms because it does all of the above while nourishing damaged tissue and creating a healthy vaginal flora. There is a Pharmacist here in Southern California who has been recommending this product for about 7 years and stated that she has seen a 90% success rate with no side effects. Joni is also working with a team of OBGYNs in Virginia to gather more information on this product. 
5) Fast results — The Puremedy products work fast because this salve gives the body the necessary tools it needs to heal naturally. The beautiful blend of ingredients are powerful and pure. 
6) This is an all-natural, and arguably more effective, alternative to generic over-the-counter first aid ointments. 
7) This is an all-purpose product. Great for minor first aid needs, insect bites, burns, neuropathy, chronic wounds, and more. 
8) Puremedy has no petroleum, phthalates, parabens, chemicals, yeast, soy, gluten, artificial ingredients, colors, or fragrance.
9) Cruelty free
All Puremedy products are based off of the Original Healing Salve, meaning they all (with the exception of a few — Just Calendula, Hot Rash, etc.) the same ingredients as this salve as their base with other ingredients added to pump up the formulation for a specific skin condition. All of the products work, and Joni stands by them 100%. 
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Make sure you have some Puremedy on hand at your house!
Thanks, Joni, for sharing your incredible story!

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