Optimum Supplement Absorption

Written by Denae – Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager

As you have likely seen, we have an incredible educational event coming this weekend that we’re sponsoring with the Organic & Natural Health Association. This Power of Nutrients event is being held all day in LA and will be dedicated to teaching you how to be your best self, inside and out. We’re privileged to hear from Dr. Mercola himself, and since we will have a few of his supplements on sale this October, I thought I’d show you the benefits of them. You’re welcome to sign-up, or walk-in, to the event. It’s only $10 for free samples of Bulletproof coffee, 3 lectures from health and nutrition experts, and a healthy cooking demo from celebrity chef, Charles Chen. Sign-up here:
Ever spent much time researching Liposomal Vitamin C, Krill Oil, or Fermented Chlorella? If so, pat yourself on the back because you’re pretty awesome! Either way, read on!

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