Biodynamic — it's Almost Super Organic!

These Apples and Pears Should Wear Capes!

You know we all love organic here at Lassen’s. We are committed to providing the best organic produce at a reasonable price, as well as supporting the small farmers who are growing organics. We also know how critical organic farming practices are to a healthy planet as well as our own health. (See this post, as well as this one on the importance of organic farming.) 
The month we are introducing a fantastic new kind of organic produce — you could even call them Super Organic! Biodynamic produce is grown in a manner that respects every aspect of the farm ecosystem.  Biodynamic farming incorporates the health of the soil, the animals, the plants, the water, even non-cultivated areas and the wildlife of the farm into a closed-loop system that supports and strengthens each part of growing healthy foods and supports the health of the soil.  
In the 1920s, a group of farmers in Germany noticed the decline of the health of their plants and animals. They consulted Rudolf Steiner, who had spent his life researching how the subtle forces in nature interact with each other. He was an early pioneer of the Organic Farming movement, and developed the concept of Biodynamic farming.  It was brought to the United States in the 1930s, and the Biodynamic Association was formed in 1938. 
The biodynamic system of farming is considered the most holistic form of organic farming, because it concerns all of the aspects of the farming ecosystem, not just the individual plants, bushes, or trees. 
The biodynamic system uses the Certified Organic standards as a starting point, but builds upon it by integrating livestock and even wild spaces in the farm ecosystem. The entire farm must adhere to the higher standards, not just the crops being grown for sale.
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We are excited to have biodynamic apples in all of our stores this month, and will continue to carry apples and soon pears in season.  This delicious fruit is grown by Mt. Hood Organics on 60 acres  of orchards in Oregon’s Hood River Valley (see the beautiful photo above!) The farm is over 110 years old, but in 1981 John and Brady Jacobson began to totally renovate the farm and by 1989 the farm was Organically Certified.  They felt strongly that they wanted to farm even more sustainably and responsibly, and so have now become Certified Biodynamic Farmers. 
With concern for every aspect of our planet, Biodynamic Farmers “create a diversified, balanced farm ecosystem that generates health and fertility from within the farm itself” (from the Biodynamic website.) Lassen’s proudly supports efforts of farmers and producers that are committed to practices that are sustainable and encourage healthy ecosystems.
You can feel good about buying this fruit for your family, and not just because they taste fantastic! They are grown in a respectful, sustainable, and healthy environment.

Come by Lassen’s and pick up some of these amazing apples! 


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