Not Just a Throwback!

But a Big Anniversary Celebration!

Written by Gayle

Every July, everyone at Lassen’s ramps up for our Anniversary Celebration.  It’s number 43 this year!  This Saturday, July 19, there will be great one-day sales, raffle prizes, demos and lots of samples! 
Back in 1971, the words “health food” conjured up images of brewer’s yeast, wheat bran, and hippies.  But Oda had a vision of something much grander.  She wanted to offer solutions for health issues, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, a clean and uncluttered store environment.  She wanted everything to be good and delicious and healthy.
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Her children that were living at home stepped in and helped after school and during the summer.  Anna was Oda’s right-hand girl, complete with white dress, because Oda wouldn’t have anything but the most professional look.  
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Oda would offer samples so that people could try the products.  She passed on her savings to her customers.  Peter (shown below, soon after high school graduation) loved to snack on whole wheat fig bars and a peach kefir before he helped to stock shelves or bag nuts.  
lassens+anniversary+sale, Lassens+sale, Peter+Lassen
Or to dust!  One of the first things that Oda taught me to do when I entered the family business (ten years later) was to keep that feather duster always handy, and to use it every time I straightened up the shelves.  
But Oda never let the busywork of a business keep her from her highest priority–her customers.  She knew them by name and they knew her.  As an over-confident 20-something, I offended at least one customer by hinting that they really didn’t need to talk to Oda–I could help them.  
But I was wrong.  Even if I could have answered their question or found the product that they were looking for, what they really wanted was the personal touch.  And Oda taught us all to give that to everyone.
lassens+anniversary+sale, lassens+sale
We work hard every day to continue Oda’s legacy at all of our Lassen’s locations.  And we celebrate not only forty-three years of caring about your health in Ventura Country and beyond, but we celebrate our roots.   Thank you Oda, for giving up both roots and wings.
So come in to Lassen’s on Saturday and help us celebrate another year of bringing you the best of everything good!

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