Organic! It's not just a fancy word!

The Studies are Proving it!

Written by Gayle

As you know, we at Lassen’s are committed to Organic foods–especially in our Everything-Always-Organic Produce department.  And it’s nice to have research to back up our passion.
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I opened the LA Times this morning (yes, I actually opened a physical paper!) and found this article, with the headline, 

“Organic food is more nutritious, large study finds.”

The Times highlighted an article found in the British Journal of Nutrition that reported a review of 343 studies on the claim that organically grown food is more nutritious than conventionally grown foods.  The article states the researchers “concluded that organic crops and organic-crop-based foods contained higher concentrations of antioxidants on average than conventionally grown food.”
The scientists hypothesized that “organic plants produce more antioxidants and natural toxins to defend themselves against insects and other environmental threats.”  I guess just like our bodies, plants are made to heal, and will often produce what is needed to stave off threats.  
They also found that (duh) conventionally grown foods contained higher concentrations of pesticides and particularly the toxic metal cadmium.  Forty-eight percent less cadmium was found in organically grown crops.  
why+eat+organic, organic+product, benefits+of+organic, organic+produce
Of course the researchers were cautious about making broad, sweeping conclusions about their findings.  But it’s fairly safe to say that we all should eat more fruits and vegetables, and choosing organic over conventional is a much healthier choice.  Organic increases the good stuff, and decreases the bad stuff!  (To put it scientifically!)
And as we have discussed before, organic just tastes better.  It’s better for the environment.  It provides better working conditions for farm workers.  You can be assured of no GMOs in Organically grown food.  And there are a lot more reasons for choosing organic.  Check out my blog post, ““What’s the Big Deal About Organic?” which has much more information about why we are so passionate about Organic at Lassen’s.
why+eat+organic, organic+produce, benefits+of+organic
Now is a great time to fill your shopping cart with wonderful and delicious organic produce.  But all year round, you can find thousands of organic products on our shelves.  Because we care about your health!
And at Lassen’s, Organic is not just a word.  It is a promise.

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