Oh, Let's be Thankful!

My Favorite Holiday

Written by Gayle

In the hierarchy of holidays, Thanksgiving holds a special place in my heart.  What’s not to love about getting together with family and friends, sharing time and a meal, everyone helping and participating?  I think some of the best conversations I have had with loved ones has been after Thanksgiving dinner; the kids running around or going to the park, the adults deep in meaningful conversation, waiting until the food settles enough to eat another slice of pie.  
So I thought I would stop and share some of the things for which I am most thankful.

Our Gorgeous Earth

This is a waterfall in Alaska, but you don’t have to travel far to see and appreciate our gorgeous earth.  Just open your eyes.  Appreciate how the fog rolls in at night, and the way the air feels on your walk.

Thank you.


Several years ago on a trip to New York the sight of this sign make us all laugh out loud.  Luckily I was quick with the camera!  Aren’t you glad for humor?  And when it comes from something generally as serious as a governmental agency, it’s even better!  We all could use more big ol’ belly laughing!

Thank you!

People Who Follow Their Dreams

One of the best things about our Focus on Local feature here at is that I get to meet incredible people who have followed their dreams.  All of them had ideas and dreams and problems, but just creatively worked through the difficulties.  It has been a great privilege to meet these, and many more, amazing people.

Oda and Hilmar Lassen
Thank you, so much!

People and Companies Who Care About Our Environment–and Do Something About it, Even if it Takes More Time, Effort, or Expense

This is a photograph of the Gaia Herb Farm in North Carolina.  Everything they do, from seed to shelf, is calculated to maintain the highest purity and integrity and environmental stewardship. This  blog post was all about our visit to Gaia.  There are hundreds of like-minded companies and farmers and producers that are doing all they can to protect our environment.  I feel privileged to work in an industry with people and companies with integrity.
Thank you.

Children.  Family.  Life.

This is a picture that I took of my oldest grandchild several years ago.  I had spent a morning in the ER a couple of days before this, and I remember looking at him, with his ridiculously long eyelashes, so grateful that I had him in my life, and that I had life when it could have been so easily taken from me.  
Thank you for children, who bring such joy and fun.  And for life.

Open-Minded Learning

image from

My sister recently went to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak, and reported that “he mentioned that if you don’t ‘flip-flop’ regularly, you have a closed mind.  I love reading — mostly non-fiction — and love to learn.

So thanks for the opportunity to change my mind as I read and learn and experience and grow.

People Who Open Their Arms and Hearts to You, Despite Their Own Pain and Sorrow

These Ugandan Women had every right to be suspicious or hateful or angry.  But I only felt love and kindness and hope.  Look at their smiles!  What a blessing it is for me to know them.
Thank you, oh, so much!

It’s easy to be jaded.  But let’s be thankful.


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  1. I enjoy your posts and also share your love for the Thanksgiving Holiday…I can actually say it's my favorite because of the same reasons you mentioned….time set aside to specifically spend with family and friends, good conversation,sharing a wonderful meal together and to especially dwell on being thankful. Thanks for all your interesting posts and articles and insights you express so well and thank you, Gayle and family for spending your Thanksgiving celebration in our home. Love you more than words can say!

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