Confused about Supplements?

Try This One For Starters

Written by Gayle

Many years ago (more than twenty…) we attended a training from Nature’s Way.  We were able to tour their facility and their lab, and learn about their products.  This was back in the day when there had been very little research done on the efficacy of supplementation, and few brands were committed to potency or purity guarantees.  Nature’s Way was different.  Many brands relied solely on testimonials. But Nature’s Way was committed to doing the research.  They learned from traditional Native American remedies to develop their formulas.  
But this was not just a business to Tom Murdock.      He turned to those remedies because his wife was very ill and conventional medicine had not helped her.  His quest to help his wife through natural remedies was successful, and she recovered and lived an additional 25 years.  (To learn more about Tom Murdock and the founding story of Nature’s Way, click here.)
In the years since then, Nature’s Way has continued to be a leader in the industry.  They take research seriously.   They have a large selection of herbs, herbal combinations, Essential Fatty Acids, formulas for coughs and the flu, minerals, probiotics, and more.
Their line of ALIVE! products is an exciting one.  They are one-tablet-daily supplements, multi-vitamin and “whole food energizers.”  They are made from 26 fruits and vegetables, green foods, and more., Lassen's, Lassens, Nature's+Way+Alive
I have just started taking the ALIVE line daily.  I feel good about taking a supplement that has a leader in the industry behind it.  I also like taking a supplement that is from whole foods–not just extracts here and there.  
Lassen’s has the Nature’s Way line of ALIVE products on sale this month (September).  If you are confused about what supplements to take, come talk to any of our helpful supplement consultants at Lassen’s.  Ask them about Nature’s Way and their quality line of supplements.  
It’s a good way to start the fall season–let’s all get back into taking better care of our health!  

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