Documentary Review–"Hungry for Change"

Wow.  Just Wow.


Sometimes we already know stuff.  We’ve been around the Natural Food Movement long enough that we know that refined sugars, hydrogenated fats, refined salt, and processed foods–among other things–are not great for us.  
We know we would feel better if we would eat fewer processed foods.  
But sometimes it takes a kick in the pants — and a little information — 
to bring it all home.
I just watched something that did it for me.

(Go to the movie trailer to see a clip.)

Over $60 Billion dollars are spent each year in the US on diet and weight loss products, and what has it gotten us, but fatter and less healthy?  
This documentary explores the reasons behind the problems.  


Look familiar?
(Long ago when I was teaching school, I was in a staff meeting
when the football coach said,
“Come on!  We all know a cheeseburger, fries and a shake is a balanced meal!
It has all the food groups!”  REALLY?!?!)
So many products on the market today are engineered to get us to eat more–
refined sugars, hydrogenated fats, MSG, salt, salt, and more salt.
And it’s hidden in unpronounceable ingredients.
And of course the nutritive value in these foods is minimal,
so our bodies still crave more.  


In 1900, we consumed an average of 15 grams of sugar per person per day.  
Today, that average is 70-80 grams per day, and for some
— especially teenagers — it is up to 150 grams!  
We clearly are not eating what our bodies need, despite the ready availablity of wonderful, non-processed, close-to-nature food.

organic+apples, organic+fruit


The documentary lays out several principles for more healthy living, from experts who have long experience–much of it personal–with the fight for good health and fitness.  The main one that I found helpful is to add into my diet more of the good stuff–fresh, unprocessed foods–and the unhealthy choices will naturally be moved out of my life.  



The documentary made me realize–once again–that I don’t eat enough vegetables and fruits, although I love them.  I just don’t think of them enough.  But there are some quick ways to make it easier–pre-cut fruits, pre-made juices, deli smoothies and juices.



I would recommend this thought-provoking 90-minute movie.  Watch it as a family and then talk about how you can help each other to make more healthy choices. 
It is always easier when everyone is on board!

organic+tangerines, organic+fruit


For more information, go to the Hungry for Change website
At Lassen’s we are committed to providing fresh, local, unprocessed foods to help you make healthy food choices every day.  
We do care about your health!

organic+fruit, organic+produce, organic+vegetables


Happy, Healthy eating!
Now I’m going to go eat a gorgeous purple organic heirloom tomato for lunch!

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