Finding H.O.P.E with Renew Life

Have You Checked Your Gut Health?
Why does it seem that sometimes no matter how healthy we eat or how much water we guzzle, we just feel a little off?
Well like most things in life, there is no singular answer. From your head down to your toes, it can be any number of problems; it could be your thyroid. Maybe your hormones are a little out of whack. It could be your liver, your joints, your head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes. Or maybe you just need a good nights rest.
A good place to start looking for answers is right there in your gut. I always liked the saying “go with your gut” or “trust your gut”, but what if you find your gut to be … untrustworthy? Irregular bowel movements or constipation, heartburn , gas, bloating, sharp abdominal pains may cause you to cry out “Gut! What did I ever do to you?!? I’ve fed you, clothed you, loved your for all my days. Why do you betray me so?!”
Rather than play the blame game with your digestive system, it might be wise to listen to the digestive care experts at Renew Life who suggest a little H.O.P.E.


The recipe for H.O.P.E?
– High Fiber: Foods high in fiber add bulk to the diet, which helps to strengthen and tone the colon muscles. Fiber also helps to absorb and eliminate toxins from the digestive tract.

– Omega Oils: Natural Omega oils provide the necessary lubrication for smooth and gentle elimination and also help nourish the cells in the intestinal tract.
– Probiotics: Beneficial probiotics promote healthy digestive and immune function by crowding out harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and promoting the growth of healthy flora.
– Enzymes: Digestive enzymes help break down a variety of foods such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars and dairy. They also enhance nutrient absorption from food.www.

To learn more about the H.O.P.E program and more products from Renew Life,
please come to our FREE LECTURE TONIGHT at Lassens in Ventura @ 6:30pm
and TOMORROW at Lassen in Bakersfield @ 6:30 pm
We H.O.P.E. to see you there!

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