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Lassens is going to Natural Products Expo West!

It’s that time of year again. 
Natural Products Expo West!, Natural+Products+Expo+WestEvery year the natural products and supplement industry show off their latest and greatest, and as always Lassen’s team of highly trained scavengers will be scouring the floors to find the best of everything good! We are always most excited to find those wonderful independents with brilliant products that will change our lives for the better. So many of the biggest names in the industry started out as tiny independents that we found at Expo and brought back to our shelves. We can’t wait to be dazzled! it’s so exciting to be part of this wonderful, growing industry of health-minded individuals, companies, and organizations. 
Is there something special that you’ve heard about? Is there a product you wish existed that would make your life that much better? Please let us know. Comment if you’d like us to be a the look out for something that you’d like to see on our shelves and in your home. We are here to serve (and of course sample some amazing food!)

For more information go to the Expo West website
And stay posted for next week’s blog post ALL ABOUT our findings
at the Natural Products Expo West and look for your requests!

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