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Build a Salad Worth Eating!

Build a Salad Worth Eating!

Written by Denae

There are a lot of ways to make a kickin’ salad. Leftovers can be a salad go-to if you want to make sure they don’t go to waste. I’ve used baked chicken, fajita veggies, and fruit on it’s last leg to make sure I’m not throwing away food. Don’t be scared of a few bruises, my husband always says, “The uglier the fruit, the more delicious it’ll taste.”

Below I’m whipped up a lovely infographic to help you whip up a legit salad. A filling dinner doesn’t always have to take a long time to prepare.  


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Should you get on the Paleo bandwagon?

Eatin’ Like a Caveman… or Woman…

There has been a lot of chatter about the Paleo Diet lately.  Have you wondered what it is all about?, paleo+diet
Well, it is basically eating what our cave ancestors in the Paleolithic Age ate.  


Free-range or grass-fed beef, pork, lamb, poulty, fish and other seafood, eggs, and game meats.  According to the Paleo Diet, our diet should be comprised of between 20-35% of calories provided by protein, instead of the 15% that the Western Diet has now.  There are many vitamins and minerals in meats as well.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Non-starchy, low-glycemic fresh fruits and vegetables provide much more fiber than other (grain based) carbohydrates.  They are slowly digested and absorbed, unlike refined carbohydrates.  And of course we know that fresh fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals essential for good health.

Nuts and Seeds

These provide healthy fats as well as protein and fiber.

Healthy Oils

Olive, coconut, walnut, flaxseed, avocado, and macadamia.  These fats provide healthy monosaturated and Omega-3 fats.

A diet of the the above foods will provide a balance between acid-producing and alkaline-producing foods, which helps prevent conditions that thrive in an acid environoment.

This website says that a “lifetime of excessive dietary acid may promote bone and muscle loss, high blood pressure and increased risk for kidney stones and may aggravate asthma and excercise-induced asthma.”  This diet balances acid and alkaline.

The Paleo Diet also increases the dietary intake of potassium and lowers the intake of sodium.

Our hearts, kidneys and other organs depend on potassium to function properly.  When sodium intake is higher and potassium intake is lower, we are at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes.


What Should I Not Eat?

Dairy Products, Cereal Grains, Refined Sugars, Legumes (including peanuts), Starchy Vegetables such as Potatoes, Salt, Refined Oil, and Processed Foods.

There is a lot that makes sense in the Paleo Diet.  We do have a lot of diseases and conditions that are caused by our modern diet and lifestyle.  And eliminating refined foods certainly would help our overall health.  
Following the paleo diet is healthy and nutritious, and there are lots of ways that you can combine foods to make delicious breakfasts. They don’t all involve eggs, either! Here are just 10 paleo diet-friendly recipes to try out for your breakfasts.
Here is a fun chart to help you understand how to know if a food complies with the Paleo Plan.
I’m not sure I agree with the “That crap will kill you,” but this chart does help clarify what is Paleo and what isn’t!

Have You Tried the Paleo Diet?

Please comment if you have tried the Paleo Diet and let us know what you think.  Is it hard to eat the Paleo way?

Lassen’s carries everything you need to eat on the Paleo Diet!


In upcoming posts I will share some recipes that comply with the Paleo Diet Plan!


Events: Living Healthy with Dr. Lindsey Duncan

Celebrity Nutritionist and
Naturopathic Doctor Lindsey Duncan
Photo from

    “We are the dragon slayers of illness” says the Lindsey Duncan as he slowly walks down the aisle, peering intensely into the faces of the captivated audience. In that moment I couldn’t help but picture Dr. Duncan wielding a gleaming, bejeweled sword and charging gallantly towards an enormous wiggling, fire breathing amoeba-like beast. As much as I wish this were a literal statement and not just an epic metaphor, I know that what he’s demonstrating is the practice of Naturopathic Medicine and it’s conquering of disease, deep down to the squirmy root of the ailment. This trust, belief and devotion of natural and holistic medicine is why over 100 people, including myself, showed up at this hotel ballroom tonight, eager and open to learn.

   On Tuesday, February 21st, 2012, Lassen’s sponsored a guest lecture of the celebrity Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor, Lindsey Duncan. The event was absolutely 100% FREE to attend and took place at the Residence Inn in Oxnard, CA.

 Guests started to arrive around 6:15pm for check in and samples. At the demo table, our friendly supplement specialists, Aspyn and Chris, were handing out samples of pure Acai Berry juice and GenEssentials Greens which Dr. Lindsey had formulated with the nutritional supplement company Genesis Today. Although at first the Acai berry juice wasn’t met with the happiest of faces (some puckered up like raisins at the blast of it’s immediate tartness), once the benefits were unfurled like a never ending scroll of knowledge, the tune of the Acai berry seemed to be everyone’s new favorite song.

Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today
Aspyn and Chris run the demo table to answer questions and provide information on the Acai berry

Guests were also invited to enter a raffle for a ridiculously desirable gift basket of more Genesis Today products, which included the highly popular and taste approved GenEssentials Greens formula. The crowd was getting thicker, so I decided to head on into the lecture room where I found my friends and colleagues standing by ready to help answer questions and assist the guests while they waited for the speaker.

Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today
Thee ladies are eager for a chance to win such a handsome prize!
Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today


Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today
On the left, best friend and supplement specialist, Ashley
On the right, manly man and manager of the Ventura Lassen’s, Scott
Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today

   At around 6:45pm, Mrs. Duncan introduces her husband with a touching tale of how they met and how he changed her life forever through his practice of natural medicine. Mrs. Duncan was followed by a 10 minute video of the Dr.’s accomplishments and appearances on such television shows as The View and Dr. Oz (the latter clip depicting a befuddled Dr. Oz comically reacting to the news that a decadent desert that Dr. Lindsay has presented to him was actually extremely nutrient dense and less than 100 calories per serving). The video went on to show Dr. Duncan’s list of celebrity clients such as American fashion designer Mark Jacobs and former NFL Running Back, Tony Dorsett, who’s testimonials are available to view on his website In it’s final minutes, the movie briefed us on his adventures abroad in search of the world’s purest super fruits and natural remedies. 

Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today

   The movie concludes and the Doctor takes the stage with a rip-roar of applause. He’s an energetic, fit looking man, which is a testament to his lifestyle of healthy diet and continuous cleansing. For the next two hours he tells riveting stories of ways that he’s stepped in to save lives where the American hospitals and the use of prescription drugs had fallen short and reveals hard truths about our poisonous and acidic environment. He keeps the tone mostly upbeat (one of my favorite moments was when he told us to thank our symptoms as they occur, for they let us know that there’s an underlining issue; Thank YOU pimple! Now I know my hormones are out of wack!) while occasionally punctuating his points with intense (and sometimes repulsive) facts and visuals. One image in particular depicted a human colon which had swelled 10x’s it’s normal size due to lack of digestion and elimination. After presenting us with the 7 channels of detoxification (perspiration, exhalation, urination, deification, kidneys, liver and colon), he lets us all in on his personal daily regime which includes sweating profusely with a vigorous run (come rain, shine, snow or sleet!), drinking copious amounts of water and never, ever (and that means never) going a day without taking a greens supplement.

Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today, Greens+Supplement


Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today, Greens+Supplement

   From this point, Dr. Duncan explains to us his partnership with Genesis Today and what they’ve formulated to bring the ultimate health and wellness to the public. From the 100% super fruit juices and 3,6,9 oils to the vegan fiber and digestive enzymes, Dr. Duncan spends time on each product giving us in depth details of their health benefits and usage against ailments. 9 pm rolls around and it is at this time that Dr. Lindsey begins taking questions from the audience.

   “ Dr. Lindsey, you’ve given us some great suggestions for cleansing our gallbladders, but what about if we do not have a gallbladder anymore?” asked one man. There are several shouts of “yeah, me too!” as a quiet laughter ripples through the chairs. Dr. Lindsey, after taking his part in the communal giggle, gives a deep, in depth answer which details several supplements they can take to help support and detox their other organs, such as bupleurum and beet root.
Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today, Greens+Supplements

Meanwhile, across the room, half of the audience is eager to take advantage of the one night only deals for the featured Genesis Today items. Lassen’s Ventura Supplement Manager, Janet, helps answer questions and makes sure that everyone is getting the right products that they are looking for. There are so many hands still hanging in the air for Dr. Lindsey Duncan to call upon, that eventually he just gives out his email and a promise to answer each and every one of their questions, so long as they can exhibit patience as they wait for his reply. The experience is close and face to face, his answers are precise and carefully calculated for everyone’s individual question. In a world where everyone seems so comfortable self diagnosing their ailments on the internet, it’s relieving to see the exchange between those in need and a person who has wholeheartedly dedicated his life to improve the quality of others’ lives through natural, non-harmful and nourishing supplement suggestions and simple, everyday tips. As the room’s commotion falls into a quiet chatter and packing up of boxes, it seems that the night has gone by smoothly, everyone leaving happy and full of new found knowledge.

Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today, Greens+Supplement
Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today


Lindsey+Duncan, Genesis+Today


When it comes down to it, whether you’re just looking drop a few pounds or you’re fighting a particularly hideous dragon of disease, knowledge is always your best and most powerful weapon. Lassen’s is happy to educate our customers with free seminars, lectures and demonstrations every month. Look for the next event at your local Lassen’s by checking out the Events Table or visiting us at for more news on what’s happening next!