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A Black Powder to Whiten Teeth? That's Some of the Magic in My Magic Mud!

From Mainstream Mom to Entrepreneur

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Tooth Powder(image from

Jessica thought of herself as a “mainstream mom” — just using name and national brand products for her family. But she noticed that many of her friends were into using more thoughtful, natural products.  So when her daughter was dealing with weak and sensitive teeth, Jessica started to think and act differently.  She tried all kinds of toothpaste, but there was nothing on the market that did everything that her daughter needed.
Jessica and her husband Justin grew up in Ventura County (Simi Valley and Ventura) and their families shopped at Lassen’s. So when I called Jessica to learn more about her story, she was pretty excited to connect — and so was I! Because she had some familiarity with natural remedies, when nothing on the market helped her daughter, Jessica started searching for home remedies that might work. Salt, baking soda, calcium bentonite clay — she tried lots of ingredients in her quest to find a solution. She found that calcium bentonite clay was particularly valuable, since it is high in mineral content which strengthens enamel. She came across an article about how the Ancient Egyptians used Activated Charcoal, and was intrigued. She learned about its toxin-fighting properties and was excited to add it to her formula. She uses coconut shell charcoal, which is particularly helpful in removing stains. Organic mint and orange peel extracts are added for their anti-inflammatory and whitening properties. 
This formula turned out to be exactly the mixture that Jessica was seeking. Her daughter’s teeth were stronger and whiter than ever before. She actually posted “before and after” photos on facebook which got a lot of attention. Soon Jessica was inundated with inquiries about her tooth powder. 
It’s been about five years since Jessica settled on her formula. And she’s gone from putting sample jars together for friends to international distribution. That journey went through lots of Farmers’ Markets, and to Justin’s mother (who had a successful career in sales) taking samples to local health food stores. 
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Now in toothpaste! (image from

Now based in Texas, My Magic Mud now has not only the original tooth powder, but toothpastes in four flavors (spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon clove). Jessica did not want to make a toothpaste since she felt that the powder was the best formula possible. But her husband prodded her for two years to figure out a toothpaste formula, knowing that it would be a hit. The proverbial straw that broke that camel’s back was when Jessica’s mom told her that she didn’t like the messiness of the powder. So Jessica started to figure it out. It took her a full year of tinkering to get the right ingredient mix to meet her high standards. She wanted really clean ingredients that kids would like. She didn’t want to just throw something together; she insisted on staying true to her core beliefs and values.
My+Magic+Mud, Charcoal+Tooth+powder, activated+charcoal, turmeric+and+cacao+tooth+powder
Turmeric and Cacoa Tooth Powder (image from

And now Jessica is really excited to introduce her next products — Turmeric and Cacao Tooth Powders! Available in Peppermint, Spearmint, and Cinnamon Clove, these formulas are great for strong teeth and gums.
And coming up soon — a natural, aloe vera-based mouth rinse. It is alcohol- and sting-free, with two flavors, classic mint and cinnamon clove. Watch for it in the next few months! 
Jessica is now in a position to have My Magic Mud tooth powder in clinical trials, which is a great step in the progress of her company. She already knows that there is nothing harmful in her products, and is looking forward to seeing the whitening and strengthening properties validated. Many dentists now recommend My Magic Mud to their patients. Here’s a link to the “Science” section on the My Magic Mud Website. Every ingredient in My Magic Mud is food grade, and can be swallowed. As a matter of fact, Activated Charcoal has been used internally for many years to detoxify and absorb gas (see our blog post on the benefits of using Activated Charcoal here.)
One thing that was so thrilling to me as Jessica and I talked was how enthusiastic and grateful she is about what she has created and accomplished. She said, “I love the drive that started this business.” She has learned just how powerful that drive to find a solution can be. It has been exciting for her to find that her solution could also to help others.  She talks to many women about how they too can make positive changes for their families. 
My+Magic+Mud, Charcoal+Tooth+powder, activated+charcoal, turmeric+and+cacao+tooth+powder
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Brushing your teeth with a black powder or paste may take a little leap of faith, but I think you’ll find the results pretty exciting! As always, if you have any questions about our products, please talk with one of our helpful Health and Beauty Aids Team Members. This is a really exciting product line, and if you haven’t taken a look, try some soon!
Thanks, Jessica, for partnering with Lassen’s!

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