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Bringing Some Healthy Fun to School!

Raise Your Hand if You Know Why it’s Better to Eat Healthy!

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Recently our Echo Park store rang with the happy sounds of kids learning about making healthy choices.  Dana and Raymond led the children from a local school around the store, pointing out various ways we can choose to live healthier lives.

They started in the produce section and Dana told the children how Lassen’s has all-natural ORGANIC produce. Their word for the day was “organic” and the children learned that organic means no spray or chemicals on the fruits and veggies. The children loved to point out their favorite fruit or veggie and find it on the shelves.

The children were able to smell a mint plant, and then learned in the Supplements and Body Care departments that mint and other herbs can be made into items that can go into or on our bodies.   It’s more healthy to have products that have no chemicals.   The children enjoyed picking up a block of beeswax and learning how that turns into the candles that they could see on the shelves.

The raw section was something new for the children, and Dana showed them cacao nibs and explained how chocolate comes from a bean. They even got to sample a few nibs so they could taste it without sweeteners and then they went to the deli where they drank some of Lassen’s Happy Cacao smoothie. Dana explained that it is delicious to use bananas to sweeten chocolate and why it’s better for our bodies than sugar-loaded candies.

The butchers liked waving to the children from the meat counter!


The snack aisle was very interesting to the children–Dana asked them, “Who likes Cheetos?” Everyone did, and then she held up a bag of Barbaras all natural Corn Puffs and explained that bright orange chemicals are not necessary for food to taste good. All natural foods with no bright chemicals taste good and are much better for tummies. A taste-test was next, and the children agreed that they tasted the same.

Dana taught the children about white and wheat bread, and how wheat bread has many more nutrients than white bread, and they especially enjoyed tasting the breads.  They also liked feeling how cold the freezers were, and learning why we freeze food.

school+field+trip, field+trip+to+Lassens,

Say Banana!

Each child was given an organic banana and some delicious Justin’s Almond Butter for an all natural snack!

Thanks for visiting Lassen’s!  Now let’s all make healthy choices!



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