Drink Your Probiotics the Sparkling Way!

Meet Chakra!

Kevita+Probiotics, kefir+water
Chakra has been culturing and fermenting foods, and teaching people about fermenting, for many years.  She loved to make kefir from raw goat’s milk, and then she heard about kefir water.  Made without dairy, it caught her interest, and she gave it a try.  In 2008 she made her first flavor in her Ojai kitchen — Lemon-Ginger.  
Chakra’s market research consisted of bringing samples to every party, event, farmer’s markets, and get-togethers with friends that she could, and asking for feedback and suggestions.   She took it to a party in 2009, where her friend Bill and three other friends sampled the refreshing, sparkling drink.  Soon they decided to give it a go, and KeVita, a sparkling probiotic drink, was born. 

KeVita Sparking Probiotic Drink

kevita+probiotic+drink, kefir+water
Chakra, Bill, and the others took six months to plan, and then started their first run of production at a certified organic facility right here in Ventura County.  A commitment to Certified Organic has been one of KeVita’s core decisions, as well as utilizing a cold process so that the probiotics survive.

Another core decision was to use stevia to lightly sweeten KeVita.  Chakra researched to find the purest, highest quality, uncut stevia and she uses just a touch in her drinks.  I usually run from stevia–my taste buds are really sensitive and I can’t take any aftertaste–but it is so subtle in KeVita that even I don’t detected the stevia.  KeVita has soft, gentle, caffeine-free flavors that are great for all ages, and  boasts a guilt-free low calorie content. Chakra says that she wants to be part of the solution for the obesity epidemic in America and KeVita is a healthy substitute for sodas.
Chakra has been very involved in every step of the process–from culturing all the way to the store shelves–to protect the integrity of her product.  Manufacturing, packaging, testing–quality is at the core of what Chakra demands.  KeVita makes sure there is third party testing on every batch to assure that quality.  Her processes and testing assure that her products are in compliance with all regulations.
And you can taste the quality!  There are now 12 flavors of the original KeVita, and we will soon see the new Cleansing Tonics (blended with apple-cider vinegar) and her Master Brew Kombuchas on Lassen’s shelves!
Pick up some KeVita next time you visit Lassen’s–your digestion, and your taste buds, will thank you!  To life!

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