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Another Huge Reason to Choose Organic

The USDA Chooses To Approve Genetically Modified Apples

Written by Gayle

organic+apples, reject+GMO+apples, GMO+apples+approved

These are gorgeous organic apples from Lassen’s!
Last week the USDA approved a new Genetically Modified Apple to be grown and sold without further oversight.  They did not assess the potential consequences of human consumption.  They also did not require that the apples be labelled as Genetically Modified.
A Canadian corporation, Okanagan Specialty Fruits, modified the apples, called Arctic apples, to reduce the browning once the apple is sliced open.  They did this by manipulating the RNA molecules to “silence” the sequence that causes the fruit to brown.  But there are probably consequences to the related sequences as well; that has not been evaluated.  
And there is the problem.  Silencing related sequences may lead to the need for higher amounts of pesticides.  It may lead to a higher susceptibility to diseases.  It also my lead to pollinating these vulnerabilities to nearby trees as well. 
But the USDA did not evaluate the apples for any of these potential problems.  Not to mention that there hasn’t been enough testing on the safety of GE crops.  Consumers are the guinea pigs, once again.
Can we say it again?
Reject GM crops, and choose organic.  It matters.



organic+apples, reject+GMO+apples, GMO+apples+approved
You’ll never have to guess if your produce is GMO, because at Lassen’s, our produce is 100% organic.  Every day.
Organic matters!

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