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Stumped for Ideas?  We Have Solutions!

Written by Gayle

If you are looking for some fantastic gifts to brighten up your Holiday, Lassen’s has some great ideas.  Our gift buyer, Katie, has been searching far and wide to bring you a wonderful selection of great items for everyone on your list!  And you might want to pick up some unique things for yourself, too!
So here are some ideas!


gift+ideas, herbal+teas, herbal+tea
I love this tea idea–the bottle is a cold-water tea bottle!  Put the loose tea in the bottle and add cold water–in a little while you have a refreshing bottle of tea!  Herbal or traditional, tea is hot –or cold, if you like — this year!
gift+ideas, herbal+teas, herbal tea
These seasonal varieties of tea from the Republic of Tea make great gifts as well.  It’s always nice to have a warm cup of herbal tea on a cold morning or night!  We also have some fun tea balls–one that is spring loaded to keep the loose tea contained, or the cute heart-shaped tea ball on a chain.  Toss these items in a basket, add a bow, and you have a great gift!
To make your own herbal teas, click here for my post on DIY herbal teas!

Growing Kits

gift+ideas, growing+kits, kitchen+gardening

 We have several varieties of growing kits–this one is for micro-greens.  Choose herbs, tomatoes, flowers–there’s nothing like bringing the garden to the kitchen!

gift+ideas, growing+kits, kitchen+gardening

 These little metal indoor gardens are so clean and fresh looking!

gift+ideas, indoor+gardens, kitchen+gardens, growing+kits

gift+giving, kitchen+gardening, growing+kits
And don’t forget sprouting!  This is such an easy and fun way to introduce gardening to everyone!  A kit is a good way to start–foolproof!


gift+ideas, incense+kits

Some incense, a few candles, a yummy foot scrub, bath salts…

Sounds like a great pampering basket is in the works!  Triloka has a great selection of incense sticks to calm the busiest of days.

deep+steep, foot+care

Deep Steep has some of my favorite products.  With drier weather, your feet could use some serious pampering.  And these holiday candy cane products are just plain fun!

What would pampering be without chocolate?  Luckily, we’ve got you covered in that department!  Forget mass-produced brands–go for the specialty varieties without a zillion added ingredients!  You, and your loved ones, will really enjoy these choices!


gift+ideas, artisan+oils, truffle+oil
These little bottles of Mushroom or Truffle olive oil would make any foodie happy this holiday!

For the Stylish!


 We’ve got some organic cotton clothing is fantastic styles.  Here are some skirts…

organic+cotton, natural+clothing

The scarves are fantastic–you’ve got to come see how soft and colorful they are!

The bag is made from recycled materials!

gift+ideas, african+aprons, fair+trade

 We have a variety of styles of these Ugandan Fair Trade Aprons.  100% cotton and the colors are vibrant and just downright fun!

gift+ideas, organic+cotton+scarves
 I love this scarf.  The colors are fantastic, and there is a really great stretch to it.  Gorgeous.
gift+ideas, organic+scarves
You have to come see the beautiful variety!

Let’s Get Festive!

These are just plain fun.  Handmade from recycled materials!
gift+ideas, handmade+ornaments, recycled+materials

gift+ideas, handmade+ornaments, recycled+materials
These birds are adorable!


gift+ideas, copper+bracelet, fair+trade

Copper bracelets are a great gift idea–and there are several styles to choose from.

There are lots more necklaces and other jewelry–I love the combination of beads and stones with interesting twine and other materials.  

You will LOVE this bottle!

gift+ideas, hydro+flask, hot+or+cold+bottle
I was given one of these Hydro Flask bottles, and they really deliver!  It really does keep cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot.  I fill mine with ice and then water, and seriously, there is still ice in it the next day!  I love it so much that I got one with a hot-drink top for those days when I want to take along some hot herbal tea!  This is a great gift for your on-the-go friends!
This is only scratching the surface of all of the great gift items that we carry at Lassen’s!  Come in and browse!  And check back on Thursday for some stocking-stuffer ideas, too.
Love, Lassen’s

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