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Gearing Up for School!

Make Sure Good Health is at the Top of the List!

Written by Gayle

I always had mixed feelings as August wound down.  And this year is no exception–my youngest graduated from High School in June.  So I don’t have the rush to buy school clothes and new notebooks and pencils (I kind of miss that part!)
But for those of you that are frantically checking off the suggested school supply lists, don’t forget the importance of health to a successful school year!
Here are some ideas to make this a healthy and productive year.

Stress Hand Washing

I have a friend who taught piano lessons from her home for many years.  With all of those kids in and out of her house, she could have caught every sniffle and cough known to man (or child!)  But she was meticulous about washing her hands before and after every lesson, and not touching her eyes, nose, or mouth.  These are great habits to cultivate.   Don’t rely on antibacterial gels–they are great for the occasions when washing isn’t possible, but it’s better to get in the habit of washing to the time length of the ABC song under running water.  

Don’t Send Them to School Sick

If you have overachievers–or social butterflies, they will hate to miss school.  But sick children belong at home, getting better.  For the sake of everyone else at the school, keep them home.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

There is pretty serious research that suggests that children need a lot of sleep.  Elementary School children need 10-11 hours of sleep, and high schoolers don’t need much less.  Try to hold strict to an early bedtime, and start that habit a couple of weeks before school starts.  Lots of behavior issues are rooted in a lack of sleep, so give your kids the benefit of a good night’s sleep.  

Eat, Eat, Eat

That doesn’t mean eat a lot.  It means paying attention to what you are eating.  It is so easy to just grab whatever is easiest.  But take the time to do a little planning to make sure that your pantry and refrigerator are filled with healthy choices.  I love this idea that I found on Pinterest:
When kids choose what is in their lunch, they are more likely to eat it.  (Check out this post with a recipe for healthy lunch rolls!)  And lay down the law–no trading for Twinkies!  Kids cannot do well in school if their nutrition is lacking.  

Everybody MOVE!

I was the meanest mom in the school because I had my kids ride their bikes to school.  (Actually it was the ride home that was the killer!)  They were in sports, too, but there is something about doing something like riding your bike or walking every day that builds a great foundation of fitness that will last their lifetimes.  

Go to Bed Prepared, and Get Up Earlier 

Mornings are rushed enough.  Don’t make it worse by trying to grab that extra 30 minutes of sleep.  It’s not going to do you any good anyway, since the stress of being almost late is awful for kids and parents.  Make sure the clothes and shoes and backpacks and lunches are ready the night before, and you can sleep without worry.

Don’t Forget a Multi for Extra Protection

childrens+vitamins, back+to+school

childrens+vitamins, back+to+school 

With stressful, busy, and difficult school days, a little added health protection is a good idea.  We always put the multi-vitamins/minerals on the table every morning with our breakfast, and everyone was expected to take one.  Lassen’s carries a great variety–one of them will suit the needs of your family members!  (And we have some great ones on sale right now.)

Take a Deep Breath

It over all too soon.  The school years are made up of long days and short years.  Laugh every day with your kids.  Ask them about the great things that happen each day.  Rejoice that there are other people in their lives that love and care about them.  Enjoy.  
Lassen’s loves Back to School!

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