Earth-Friendly Habits

What Changes Can You Embrace?

Written by Gayle

Last week on the radio I heard a discussion about the drought.  The farmers in the Central Valley are asking that Federal Authorities release some of the water so that they will not lose their trees to the drought.  One comment stopped me in my tracks.  
One of the speakers said that the farmers can not use ground water because of nitrate contamination.
So the impact of the drought is greater because our soils, and therefore our water sources, are contaminated.  
I am often asked how I feel about mainstream grocery stores adding organic products and produce; people wonder if I want organic to be available only in Natural Foods Stores like ours.  My answer is always the same:  No.  I am thrilled to see more organics available everywhere.  The more organic foods are available, the less pollution and contamination of our environment will occur.  Our food, our water, our soil, and our air will all be more healthy, and so will we.  There’s an economic bonus to eating more organic as well–with higher demand, more will be grown, and the prices will eventually drop.  
So, the first healthy earth habit is to:

Embrace Organic!

“I’m Organic!”
I grew up helping my mom in the kitchen and every year she would preserve abundant in-season produce.  I remember blanching asparagus (and many other vegetables!), then flash-cooling it in ice water.  We then patted it dry and sealed it in plastic bags or other containers to freeze.  Beans, corn, peas and many other vegetables can all be frozen at home.  Click here for a quick and easy tutorial from Organic Gardening.  Fruits can also be frozen, but do not need to be blanched.  They freeze best with a little raw sugar.  You can control all of the ingredients in your own jams and jellies.  So take advantage of the abundance we enjoy and … 

Embrace Preserving Freshness!

preserving+food, homemade+jam, candied+ginger
My apricot jam, pear jam that was given to me as a gift, candied ginger (also a gift), and asparagus, ready to freeze!
Instead of driving to the gym every time you want to exercise, try staying closer to home.  Walk, bike, or run in your neighborhood.  You can go online to find an at-home exercise program. but simply doing the squats, jumping jacks, crunches and lunges that you do at the gym will work, too.  Use canned goods and gallon water jugs for your weights.  Have your kids or roommates join you!  Remember to put your water in a reusable bottle, rather than all of those disposable plastic ones.  I have one of these Lifefactory bottles that I use and love.  (We carry them at Lassen’s, and they have different lids for different uses.)  So…

Embrace More Natural Exercising!

glass+water+bottles, glass+bottles, reusable+bottles
As I was removing the multiple seals on a vitamin bottle a couple of weeks ago, my daughter commented at how annoying all of that packaging was!  And it’s true.  But I remember the Tylenol tampering event of 1986, and of course packaging was made more secure after that scare.  But there are plenty of products that don’t need layers and layers of packaging.  There’s no reason to have three layers of packaging on a bar of soap.  Let’s …

Embrace companies that don’t over package!  

Chivas Goat’s Milk soaps have just about the right amount of packaging!
I have complained before about how too many cities do not encourage recycling.  But this year at Mammoth Lakes (the complained-about city) has now made it possible to recycle!  However, there are no curbside containers; people have to haul their recyclables to a central location in town.  But it’s a start.  (It’s better than hauling it home!)  Let’s encourage our cities to enact ordinances and regulations that penalize those who do not recycle!  I read about some cities/trash companies that charge very little for the recycling bins, and much more for the regular trash bins.  I love that idea!  Charge more for what gets sent to the landfill.  So even if it’s not convenient, let’s all … 

Embrace Recycling!

There are many many other earth-friendly habits that we can embrace!  In celebration of Earth Day this year, find a couple of things that you and your family can do to make this earth a healthier place for us all to live.  Clean eating, shopping, working, commuting, playing, cleaning, giving–Let’s all embrace Mother Earth!
And don’t forget to come to our Earth Day Events this Saturday, April 26, 2014!  There will be lots of tasting, demos, raffle prizes and more, as well as great sales!  We are also supporting Los Padres ForestWatch with Shop for a Cause–a percentage of our total sales will be donated to their wonderful organization!
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