Green Gardening–Is Your Thumb Green?

It’s Not Too Late!

Written by Gayle

It never fails–the weather gets to me every March and reminds me that I should have started my garden in February.  But with our great climate, gardening can really begin any time!
The best place for a garden in my yard is too far away for me to think about it.  (Not to mention all of the ground squirrels and rabbits that roam the hills and usually eat everything I plant!)  I’ve tried gardening there several times, but until I build Ft. Knox around it (and under it–the gophers are brutal, too!) that just won’t work.  I started looking around for alternatives.  The patio that I see out my kitchen window several times each day is the best place.  Sunny, with easy access.  I won’t forget about it there!
So I rustled around my closets and garage and found a number of pots and even a wash tub that were just waiting to be donated to the thrift store.  Wait!  I can use those!
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I bought this wonderful wash tub several years ago for a big backyard party.  I filled it with ice and cool drinks.  But since then it has just been taking up space.  I used a big nail and pierced several holes in the bottom for drainage.  
container+gardening, organic+gardening
Lassen’s now has our gardening supplies in stock!  I filled the wash tub with this organic premium potting soil and used some organic all purpose fertilizer (following the directions on the bag).
container+gardening, organic+gardening
I then took four other pots that were junking up my garage and organized them in the wash tub.  I ended up putting the white one (with the ribbon) in front of the blue one rather than on top.  Each of the pots have drainage holes so the water will flow from the top pots into the wash tub.  
I planted some organic tomatoes, basil, and cucumbers in the pots and then watered them!
container+gardening, Patio+gardening, organic+gardening
I’ll need to check this container garden every day to make sure it has enough water, but that should be no problem since I’ll see it every day as I do my dishes!  I’m looking forward to trying the heirloom tomatoes that should be bearing in a couple of months — I’ll let you know how they taste!
I also decided to start some shelling peas in an egg carton.  I have a few more empty pots where I will transplant the seedlings when they come up in a few days.  I’m soaking them overnight before I put them in the egg carton sections.  These peas always remind me of Oda Lassen, who told about buying bags of peas from roadside stands when she was a little girl in Denmark.  She always loved buying them every year, and said that they reminded her of her happy childhood.  
container+gardening, organic+gardening, patio+gardens
I’ll be thinking of her when I plant and harvest these peas!  This heirloom variety is probably very much like the ones that she ate in the 1920’s.  
Lassen’s is carrying a wide variety of seeds for vegetables and flowers right now, as well as organic soil, fertilizer, compost, and lots of gardening tools.  You’ll love browsing and dreaming of freshly picked produce from your garden–in containers or in the ground!  
Happy planting!

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  1. I have also found that right outside my kitchen is a great place for a garden. It catches my eye several times a day! In my small yard, I've put together a few garden boxes with free wood. Can't beat that! The shade/sun changes so much in my yard, but I've still found great success. Currently I have peas, carrots, green onions, Swiss chard, parsley, basil and lettuce. All that in a small space outside my kitchen window. I added peas to my salad tonight. It made everyone happy. 🙂

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