Sprouting–It Takes Me Back to College!

Have You Ever Tried Sprouting?

Written by Gayle

When I was in  I college had a wonderful roommate from Southern California.  We liked to make meals that were quick and healthy, and she introduced me to sprouts (OK, it was a long time ago, people, and I was pretty unsophisticated then!)  We used to melt cheese on a tortilla, then top it with chopped green onions, tomatoes, and alfalfa sprouts for a simple wrap.  If we wanted to splurge, we’d even add sliced avocado!  This was our go-to meal.  
Since then I have enjoyed all kinds of sprouts.  They are so easy to grow yourself, and a seed or a bean will change to a vegetable in just a few days!  
DIY+sprouting, how+to+grow+sprouts
You’ll need a glass jar with a wide, mesh-topped lid.  I didn’t have one, but what I did have was a set of three grease splash-guards.  (You can buy these in lots of kitchen sections.)  I don’t need three of them, so I just marked around a wide-mouthed lid on the mesh.

DIY+sprouting, how+to+grow+sprouts

I then cut out the mesh circles and then pressed the mesh into the ring of the jar lid.

DIY+sprouting, how+to+grow+sprouts

Voila!  A mesh lid! 

DIY+sprouting, how+to+grow+sprouts
I decided to sprout Mung Beans.  I got some from the bulk bins at Lassen’s.
DIY+sprouting, How+to+grow+sprouts
Put about 3-4 TBSP in the quart jar, and then rinse and strain.
DIY+sprouting, How+to+grow+sprouts
Add more water and then soak the beans overnight or 4-8 hours.  
DIY+sprouting, how+to+grow+sprouts

Then strain the beans and place in sunny spot–windowsill.

DIY+sprouting, how+to+grow+sprouts
It’s hard to believe that it happens this fast, but these are the sprouts after one day!  Continue to rinse and strain two times per day.

DIY+Sprouting, how+to+grow+sprouts

These are the sprouts after just four days!   You can let them sprout further, or you can add them to salads or stir-frys at this stage.  

This is a great–and easy–way to bring something amazing and fresh and whole and raw into your healthy diet!  If you haven’t ever tried sprouting, maybe this “green” month would be a good time to give it a try!

Happy Sprouting!

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