Cheese–It Packs a Punch of Nutrition!

Gotta Have Some Delicious Cheese!

Written by Gayle

Are you concerned about the possible downside to eating cheese?  For many years there have been swirling news stories about how we should avoid cheese.  But there are many nutritional benefits to eating cheese.  
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Cheese is the perfect “Fast Food.”  It packs a punch of nutrition in just an ounce or two.  Protein, calcium,  vitamin D and vitamin K2 are found in abundance in natural cheese.  (Of course I don’t need to tell YOU that spray “cheese” –known as “processed cheese food”– doesn’t count!)  The combination of vitamins helps to send the calcium straight to your bones and teeth, which is a bonus for cheese-eaters of all ages!  
I recently visited with Vanessa, our Regional Cheese Buyer.  She told me about some of the wonderful specialty cheeses that we carry at Lassen’s, as well as our good-old standby varieties that we all know and love!
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Cheese-Buying Guide

  • Buy cheese that is made from rBST-free milk.  Artificial hormones, preservatives, colors and mold inhibitors have no place in cheese.
  • Try to buy cheeses made from the milk of grass-fed animals.  The taste is fuller and richer.
  • Organic Cheese is always a great choice.
  • If you have a hard time digesting cow’s milk cheese, try sheep’s or goat’s milk cheeses.  The curds/proteins are smaller and easier to digest.  Even people who are lactose intolerant can often eat sheep’s or goat’s milk cheese.  

We Feature Cheeses from Local Producers!

Spring+Hill+Jersey+Cheese, Spring+Hill+Cheese, Organic+Cheese
We are excited to bring you cheeses from some California Producers as well as many national and international cheeses.  Springhill Organics is a favorite, and they are based in Petaluma, California. 
organic+cheese, drake+family+farm, Drake+family+farm+chevre
I have mentioned Drake Family Farm  on this blog in the past as well (Click here to read about this and other of Megan’s picks).  They are one of our favorite brands — we almost always have a tub of their delicious chèvre in our fridge.  Their goat cheeses are amazing. 
 They are so delicious with some speciality crisp crackers and a touch of sweetness–perhaps with this fig spread or honey.
Fagundes Old World Cheese makers are in Hanford, Ca.  I love their High Moisture Jack Cheese for everyday cooking.  And their specialty varieties are great, too!
Beemster+Gouda+Cheese, Beemster+Cheese, Gouda+Cheese
My high-school daughter makes sure that I bring home a variety of cheese when I shop.  She LOVES this Beemster Vlaskaas cheese.  
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Almost every day she cuts about 1 oz of cheese into chunks to pack for her lunch at school.  It helps her to get through the afternoon without a drop in energy.  Add some crackers and some fruit, and she’s happy!
This sample
barely scratches the surface of the amazing variety of cheeses that we carry at Lassen’s.  Ask one of our team members to recommend their favorite cheeses for you to try!  I love breaking out of my mild-cheddar routine to sample something new and delicious!
So don’t be nervous about keeping — or adding — cheese to your healthy diet.  Like most things, we shouldn’t overdo it, but a ounce or two of cheese each day is a great way to increase the protein, calcium, Vitamin D and other vitamins in our diet.
Next time you’re at Lassen’s, pick up something new to try!

4 thoughts on “Cheese–It Packs a Punch of Nutrition!”

  1. Yes, you are right–most cheese are naturally gluten-free. There are some that add ingredients that might be a problem with those with sensitivities to gluten–for example, if they are beer-washed, since beer is not gluten free. But the label will alert you to possible problems. There can also be a potential for a cross-contamination in some store-packaged cheeses, if they are sliced or cut in the deli where sandwiches are made or breads are cut. Lassen's store-packaged cheeses are cut on their own, cheese-specific equipment so there is no issue with cross-contamination with gluten or anything else. And YES! we have many, many varieties of gluten-free crackers! Thanks for asking!

  2. Do you have the Beemster Vlasakaas cheese in stock at your Echo Park store. My daughter went there last week and the store was out of stock. I live in Pasadena so it’s a bit of a drive.

    1. The best thing to do is to call the store (213-542-6535; ask for the Perishables Manager) and see if they have it. Echo Park usually carries this cheese variety. If they do, have them set some aside for you to pick up. If they do not, you could ask them to set some aside for you for when it does come in, or special order it to be sure you get it. Sorry it was not there when your daughter went in last week. Sometimes products are out of stock for a variety of reasons that we can’t predict, but we’ll do what we can to make sure you get the products you want!

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