How Are You Doing on Those "New You" Resolutions?

Reminders May Be Just What You Need!

Written by Gayle

It’s been a month now–how are you doing on your New Year New You goals?  I often find that I need a visual reminder of what I am trying to accomplish.  So I came up with this easy DIY resolutions reminder chart!
New+Years+Resolutions, DIY+Resolutiions+Chart, DIY+Reminders
I started with an inexpensive multi-frame.  This one was less than ten dollars at a crafts store.  It has six 4″x6″ frames attached together.  I gathered up some of my fancy papers–I chose ones that wouldn’t overwhelm the printing.
Then I went to my computer and just played with the Word Art.  I took the resolutions that I talked about in this post and came up with short summaries of the goals.  I printed them on my fancy paper, cut them out, and put them in the frames!  Of course I had to have a frame with my overall yearly philosophy–Be Grateful!
That was it!  Now I can either use sticky-notes (as below) or a dry-erase marker to make note of what I am going to do each week (or day!) to focus on my goals.
New+Years+Resolutions, DIY+Resolutions+Chart, DIY+Reminders
I can use this as a place to write my shopping lists, too
New+Years+Resolutions, DIY+Resolutions+Chart, DIY+Reminders
This goal helps me look for opportunities to act in loving ways!
New+Years+Resolutions, DIY+Resolutions+Chart, DIY+Reminders
If I don’t move every day, I feel myself getting grumpier and grumpier.  Is that a sign of age?  (I sure didn’t feel that when I was 17!)  And trying new things (like a new class at the gym or a new hike) sure helps to keep my exercise routines fresh!
New+Years+Resolutions, DIY+Resolutions+Chart, DIY+Reminders, Goals+Chart
I have hung this chart near where I get ready for the day, and so I can add goals daily, weekly, or as I think of them.
New+Years+Resolutions, DIY+Resolutions+Chart, DIY+Reminders, Goals+Chart
This one reminds me to have fun each week.  It stretches me out of my comfort zone a little bit, too!
New+Years+Resolutions, DIY+Resolutions+Chart, DIY+Reminders, Goals+Chart
I keep sticky notes (I have a large selections of sizes and styles, as you can see….) and a pen close by to add ideas as needed.  When I see sales or fun ideas, it’s easy to write the reminder!  And it also makes it simple to change or add goals for the week, too.
This chart took me less than an hour to make, and I am sure that I will be looking at it every day this year to help me to make 2014 amazing!
Is it time to review your goals?  This idea may help you to reach them!

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