2014 Fancy Foods Show!

Chocolate.  Cheese.  Olives.  Yum yum yum yum!

Written by Gayle


Since this is my second Fancy Foods Show, I was more prepared and knew what to expect–I had to pace myself with the sampling!  (And wear comfortable shoes!)  We have kept our eyes open for the most nutritious, pure, and delicious foods that the show has to offer.


Watch for some new cheeses in the stores in the next few months–this one was an outstanding cheddar from a group of organic dairy farmers in England, who are producing according to the American Organic standards.


We tasted a lot of outstanding organic chocolates, too!

fancy+foods+show, organic+chocolate

Many chocolate makers are experimenting with new flavor combinations that are unique and exciting…


And delicious!


The olives, artichoke hearts, tapenades, marinated vegetables, and cheese combinations are amazing!

This gorgonzola is so beautiful!  I learned that the reason these cheeses have the lines of blue is that the cheese makers have pierced the cheese with needles–“Needling”–in order to introduce the desired cultures into the cheese.  Gorgeous.

fancy+foods+show, gorgonzola+cheese

I also tasted a lot of new coconut waters.  After a lot of cheese and chocolate, it was a nice change!

fancy+foods+show+, Coconut+water

This was a very creative display of grains and seeds that really caught my eye.  We are so blessed to have such an abundant and beautiful supply of amazing and delicious foods!


And where would we be without crispy breads?  This baker had an amazing multi-grain loaf that was outstanding.


We are looking forward to bringing a lot of new, delicious and healthy products into our stores in the next few months so that you can enjoy these tastes, too!



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