A New Year–How Are You Going to Make It Amazing?

Resolutions, Goals, Manifestoes–Is It Time For A New You?

Written by Gayle

I have always been a goal-setter, a list-maker, and an over-achiever.  I love the promise of a new book, a few new yards of fabric, a turned page, a fresh box of crayons, a pristine blank journal.  My siblings have teased me over the years about these tendencies.  A lot.  Resolutions have never overwhelmed me–they have always spurred me on.

But as I am now in my middle age, I generally take gentler approach to my lists.

For example, I saw this on Pinterest last week, and it struck a chord.

Life offers so much that is beautiful and tender, stunning and inspiring.  This “Simple Life Manifesto” captures it well.

But what if you feel that you need to ramp it up, rather than settle it down?  Years ago I read in the Ann Landers column (or was it Dear Abby?) a question from someone who wanted to know if they should go to Medical School (a life-long dream) because it would take so long and they would be in their 40s when they finished.  Ann (or Abby) answered, “How old will you be in your 40s if you don’t go to Medical School and reach that goal?”

Point taken.   Not having or not reaching for goals doesn’t change how old we get.  It only changes what we have done or who we have become in those years.  So…

This year I want to combine the two sides of this–simplify, yet stay true to my goal-setting personality.

So  for 2014 I have a two-word manifesto:


And how will this manifesto (ummm) manifest itself in my life in 2014?  Here are a few ways that my manifesto will color my life this year:

  • Waste less of our natural resources, because I am grateful for them.  Use it up, recycle, repurpose.  Don’t take unnecessary trips in the car.  Don’t buy more than we need or than we will use.
  • Eat more organic fruits and vegetables and whole foods, because I am grateful to live in a time when beautiful produce and whole foods are available.  I’m grateful that I can eat produce that isn’t contaminated by pesticides and chemicals.  Don’t waste my allotment of calories on junk that takes more of our natural resources to produce.
  • Take care of my body, because I am so grateful for my health.  Don’t take it for granted–thank it every day by moving and fueling it well.  Use nature’s supplements and remedies to keep me healthy–or to help me heal.
  • Give more, because I am grateful for everyone in my life and the life of my family.  Give more smiles, give more kindness, give more benefit of the doubt.  We never know what hard things someone else is going through and it doesn’t take any more effort or time to give kindness.  Don’t assume the worst, assume the best.
  • Say “Yes” more to opportunities that come my way, because I am grateful to live in a time of huge possibilities.  I have a brother that will not make a bucket list.  He lives a life of saying “Yes” to things that enter his sight.  (This is the brother that routinely goes bike riding in blizzards in Missouri, so he doesn’t need a bucket list!)  Don’t let fear or discomfort block me from awesome adventures.  There are amazing experiences that await a willing heart and mind and body!
  • Take care of my emotional and spiritual needs, because I am grateful to be able to feel deeply.  Create and embrace silence, for that is when I can hear my true self.  Nurture it.  
  • Nurture relationships, because I am grateful that my life is full of wonderful people.  I can learn from and love even the most difficult.
I am sure that as each day unfolds, I will have many opportunities to put my manifesto into practice.  
goal setting
My brother’s tire tracks in Missouri
What are your 2014 goals or resolutions?  We’d love to hear on our comment board how your are going to make 2014 amazing!  
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Have a great 2014!



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