Enjoy Your Wonderful Feast!

And Then, Get Some Digestive Help!

Written by Gayle

The Holidays are a time to enjoy some great tastes and treats.  But you may want to have some aids handy to help your digestion!

Yogurt is a great way to get all of that friendly bacteria into your system.  Lassen’s now carries Maple Hill Creamery Yogurt.  The yogurt is made from organic milk from 100% grass-fed cows.  And it is delicious!  This would make a great light breakfast or lunch on the days when you might be indulging a bit more than usual.


Lassen’s Deli also makes some wonderful and healthy holiday smoothies.  Stop by and get one to replace a high fat and calorie drink or treat!


Don’t forget fruit.  There are some amazing, crisp, tasty apples and pears in season right now.  These fruits with high fiber can really help to keep your digestion in great shape.

But sometimes, no matter how carefully we make food choices, our digestion may need a little more help.  Here’s where something extra can be a tummy-saver.  

These digestive enzymes have been a staple in the Natural Food Industry for many many years.  (They are what saved me when I would get heartburn when I was pregnant!)  The chewable tablets taste great and I found that they completely knocked out my heartburn.


The helpful Lassen’s Supplement staff did not hesitate when I asked them for their recommendations for digestive aids.  They took me straight to Enzymedica’s Digest Gold.  They have received very positive feedback, and people come back again and again for this product.

digest+gold, digestive+aids

Planetary Herbals has a blend of Chinese herbs in the Digestive Comfort formula, which is also a great choice for supporting digestion.

digestive+aids, Digestive+Comfort

Here is another product to help for heartburn, upset stomach, and acid indigestion.  As I have previous written (click to read my post about our visit to their farm in North Carolina), I love this company.  Gaia is an amazing company, and their products are exceptionally clean and effective.  Their Reflux Relief formula is in tablet form, if you just want to swallow something to help your tummy.


If you prefer a warm drink, Gaia also has this tasty Herbal Digest tea, which is formulated specifically to help settle your tummy and aid digestion.  Add a little honey, and you have a great way to relax and settle yourself just when you need it!

Herbal+Digest, Gaia+Herbal+Tea

And Organic India has a Tummy Formula with Tulsi and Holy Basil, two wonderful herbs.  Organic India’s products are also organic, pure, and delicious.

Organic+India, Tulsi+Tummy, Digestive+Aids

We also carry a large selection of ginger products, from tablets to chewable ginger, that are very helpful.  I sent a variety of ginger items with a friend who was going on a cruise, and she said they kept her from getting motion-sickness for the full week.

You don’t have to suffer with an upset tummy–Lassen’s has lots of solutions!

Lassen’s wishes you and yours an amazing holiday!



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    1. That can be a real problem! Please go into any of our stores and consult with one of our knowledgeable supplement team members. We have several products that may be helpful in supporting healthy digestion, and our team members can help you find the one that might work the best for you!

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