Feeling a Little Stressed? Here are Some Ideas for Relief!

It’s Normal to Feel a Little Stressed…

Written by Gayle

But let’s do something to relieve it!
When I asked Josh, our Regional Buyer, what he recommends for stress, he immediately said that chocolate always relieves his stress!

This extra-dark chocolate has great health benefits, as well.  It includes Kava, a herb that has been used for many years to help people relax without losing their ability to concentrate.  You won’t be indulging in candy, you’ll be decreasing your stress naturally–and deliciously!  Yum!


These shake mixes, also made by Kava King, are a great option, too.

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep.  It’s easy to burn the candle at both ends, but make sleep a priority.

Another thing that has always helped me cut down on stress is to take 10 minutes each morning (or evening) to organize my day so that I’m not trying to do everything at the last minute.  Find the things that you can do ahead of time, and do them in advance.  (Make a list, and check it twice!)


GABA (short for gamma-amniobutyric acid, which acts in the brain to relax the nerves) may be in short supply when you are stressed out!  These Pharma GABA Chews from Natural Factors can help you feel more calm.  Our great Supplement staff recommends these fast-acting chewable tablets.  If you prefer something herbal, the Gaia Stress Response Formula is a great choice.  And B vitamins have been known for years as the “Stress Vitamins.”  Our helpful Supplement staff can help you choose what is best for you.

Tulsi+tea, Holy+Basil

America’s caffeine habit contributes to the stress that we feel.  Instead of reaching for more coffee or energy drinks, try a more relaxing herbal tea.  Organic India Tulsi Holy Basil Tea is a great choice, since it is formulated specifically for stress-relief and soothing.

Another really important thing to remember during stressful times is to exercise.  It doesn’t have to be your full routine, but get out and do something!  You can boost the feel-good endorphins naturally.  Being out in the sun will boost your spirits.  Do some yoga.  Dance around the kitchen.  Garden–even just pulling a few weeds will help you feel great. Take a few minutes to stretch.  Take a walk and breathe deeply!

Moss+Botanicals, Essential+Oils
Let’s talk whole body and mind relaxation here!  How about using some essential oils?  Smooth a little on your skin, heat in a warming dish, or spray some into the air to bring about the scent of relaxation into your environment!  These Moss Botanicals are blended especially for their medicinal properties!  If you missed our Focus on Local post on Stacey of Moss Botanicals, you can read it here.
Lassen’s has some beautiful Essential Oil Warming dishes.  I love these!
oil+warming+disheslavendar+bath+salts, bath+salts
I’m usually in a rush, so a shower is the faster option.  But when I really want to feel calm, a hot bath is the way to go.  These lavender bath salts are a divine way to really get into the spirit of relaxation! 
If you don’t have time for a full bath, try soaking your feet!  Get a large basin, add warm water, some 100% pure Noni juice, and 1/4 cup of mineral salts.  Add hot water to keep it warm for 20 minutes.  (Just thinking about this one makes me feel more relaxed!)


Light some aromatherapy candles —  Simple and economical!  And while you are enjoying the scent, spend a few minutes meditating.  Take the opportunity to let go of grudges.

Connect with people…

… or not.  Sometimes the biggest stress reliever is to be by yourself for a little while.  Take a break.  Decide what YOU need, and do it.

Comedy.  Watch some old Carol Burnett skits on You-Tube.  There’s nothing better than seeing that Scarlett O’Hara curtain-rod costume to life my mood!  It kills me every time I see it.

These are the Roasted Root Vegetables from our Deli.  An amazing taste combination!

It goes without saying, but….  make healthy food choices.  Yes, it’s often a time for over-indulging, but resist the temptation to do so.  Don’t deny yourself small amounts of what you love, but the majority of your food choices should be ones that keep you feeling good.  A slice of pie?  Sure.  Just not five or six.  To really de-stress, you can stop by our Deli and choose some main or side dishes to take home for hectic days when cooking will be the thing that makes you snap.  You can be sure you’re eating healthy without a lot of fuss.

Over it all, remember the reason for the season.  Family.  Faith.  Friends.  Fun.  Have a wonderful season.



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