Need Some Gift Ideas? We've Got Some Suggestions!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

written by Gayle

But sometimes my brain gets a little fried.  So it’s nice to have some help with my shopping list!  
If you are going for the gusto — and for health — a juicer or blender is a great gift idea!  
Lassen’s has this Hurom Juicer, and you will get a 25-lb bag of carrots with the purchase of this juicer!  There’s nothing like fresh juice (and you never have to worry about a caffeine rush–or crash!)  
The Vitamix is amazing.  After my most recent blender gave up, I finally got a Vitamix.  I. Love. It.  It can do anything!  This blender is used close to every day at my house.  With the purchase of a Vitamix blender, you will get a can of Lassen’s brand Show Me The Whey Protein Powder and a shaker cup!
If you’d like to support some amazing people from around the world, you can give Fair Trade Gifts!
These beads — made from paper! — are a a great gift idea.


We also have aprons, bags, and African stuffed animals made by The Beads of Hope and Women of Peace Groups in Northern Uganda.  To learn more about how we came to work with these amazing ladies (and some of their story), please click here and here.

If you’d like to make simple DIY gifts, pick up a tub of Dead Sea Warehouse Mineral Bath Salts.  They serve as the base for making your own bath salts.  Mix 2 cups of bath salts with 20-30 drops of essential oils (we have many fragrances to choose from!)  You can also add some lavender buds, crushed rose petals, lemon orange or grapefruit zest, and you have an amazing gift!


Put it in a decorative jar, add a bow, and you have a gift that anyone would love!  If you need some more ideas for DIY gifts, check out our DIY blog post here.

These baskets are also made in Africa, and are sturdy and beautiful.  They make great magazine baskets, or toy organizers.  Use your imagination!  How about a fruit basket?  Or a mitten and glove stash by the door?  
My family members who live in much colder climates don’t believe me when I say I wear gloves, but I do!  These fingerless gloves are perfect for driving or walking on cold mornings, or anytime that I want to keep my fingers available!  They have a soft fleece lining that really keeps me feeling cozy!  Bonus–these fingerless gloves are Fair Trade and made in Nepal!  I love being able to help people around the world with my purchases.

The following items give you an idea of some of the beautiful variety of gift items that we have at Lassen’s.  Not all are available in all of the stores, but come in and see the selection at your location!

And for that last minute Gift for Foodies, don’t forget to pick up some of our Gourmet items!

Love these crisps with some tasty goat cheese and fig spread!  We have many varieties of crackers and crisps, gourmet cheeses, and yummy spreads.  Any gourmet food enthusiast would love getting these!  You might want to pick up a few varieties so you won’t be caught without a last-minute gift when needed.

Have a great Holiday, and happy shopping!

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